Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quip of the Week

I'll give you a hint on who made the quip of the week.  He is a brilliant conservative columnist, doctor and pundit on the Fox News Channel, whose intellect I compare favorably with the late, great William F Buckley, Jr.   Oh, yes, and he has been named by this blog before as giving the quip of the week. You've got it. Charles Krauthammer did give the quip of the week on Bret Baier's Special Report panel on Wednesday.

They were discussing president Obama's constant blaming of Bush for his economic problems and wondering if that is still working with the American people.

Charles Krauthammer's talked about how the American people sense Obama is fudging the numbers trying to blame Bush for all the bad economic numbers. Then Charles Krauthammer gave a  curt retort which is the quip of the week:

"There is a kind of statute of limitations for whining."

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