Monday, June 11, 2012

Post From Big Brad on the Jewish Vote

This is a post from my brother Brad.  As I said in his previous post, Brad is truly a great patriotic American.  He is not an ideologue. He is one of the few truly independent people who looks at the facts to make up his mind on an issue or a candidate.  While he is conservative on most issues, he also is moderate to liberal on others. He is not wedded to either political party. He loves America and is a strong  supporter of Israel.   With that in mind, I sent my brother an email from the Republican Jewish Coalition showing that Jewish Americans, while still a big majority support the Democrat party, are now at a 24 year high in support of the GOP.  While Jewish voters still support Democrats 2-1, it is far less than the almost 80-20 advantage Obama had in the last election.  That may not seem like such a big change, but if the Republicans can turn an almost 60% disadvantage to a 35% disadvantage, that will be huge in the 2012 election. With all that in mind here is the e-mail response from my skin doc brother Brad from Houston.  It is important to note that Brad did not write this to become a blog post, he just wrote thoughts from his heart.  While it is from his heart, he used his head to write it.  I agree 100%  of what Brad said.

Post [from an e-mail] from big Brad:

It's still sickening to hear supposed educated Jews, including many rabbis, speak with such reverence for Obama, that I believe comes from their view on social issues only, as if the deficit, budget, economy , jobs, Israel, terrorism, union demands killing the ability to keep American jobs, oil independence, and practical adjustment of government regulations on environmental issues that are killing business, all mean nothing----- are they that stupid, yes---- that naive, yes---- they obviously do not care about the world or country their kids inherit---  Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh
Well said big Brad.  I hope, as I am sure you do, that Jewish Americans in November 2012 vote with their heads and not their ideology.


Big Mike said...

Thanks brother for great rhetoric!
Your second post on the Tales, and your second great post!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is this. History is repeating itself. Obviously Christians and Jews alike have slidden into a comfort zone. A comfortable life and now, after 80 or so years of taking this nation to a place where we have nothing to stand on. We've aborted over 50 million babies, (that could be tax paying citizens) now they are considering gender selection? Houston TX is one of the HIGHEST sex trafficing cities in the world? This government is out of control bringing us into a total collaspe. Well, as a Christian my faith sees me through, but the Jewish community is obviously asleep if they do not heed the warnings this administration represents. My Father fought Communism in The Battle of the Buldge in WWII would be very saddened to hear if alive that what he fought for has come to America. Islam wants Israel no more and Islam also wants Christians no more. Wait til the middle mamby pamby realize how Sharia will not tolerate their lifestyles either. I HIGHLY recommend reading How To Kill 11 Million People by Andy Andrews and then sharing it with as many Jewish voters as you can. It is a small book, maybe take 15-30 minutes to read. This election is the most serious election of our lifetime. Sorry for this lengthy post, but I must speak up. Such a critical time. So much damage this one administration has put into place, and even if we can get Romney in, the United States has been so weakened, that it will take some major pain to come out of this. Let alone the disruptions that will probably occur before, during or after the elections. Whew. Had to get that out! Enjoy reading your blog Michael, & Brad's post on the Jewish Vote. Blessings to you both.
Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks so much Krissy. I really appreciate it! God bless!