Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On Wisconsin, Baby!

Rep Paul Ryan of the great state of Wisconsin said the other day, "on Tuesday, we [the people of Wisconsin] save Wisconsin, and in November, Wisconsin will save the nation."

Yeah, baby!   The great patriots of Wisconsin came through.  Both Fox News Channel and CNN have called it already for Scott Walker.  They called it before 9 pm central time.  WOW!

I agree with Rep Paul Ryan 100%.   In the presidential election of 2000, it was Florida that determined the election.  In 2004, it was Ohio.  I predict right now, in 2012 Wisconsin will be the state that propels Mitt Romney into the White House.

I was worried early on when everyone was saying the exit polls were close.  In fact, I wanted to see what CNN said before results started coming in and they called it a 50-50 race.  I was literally sick to my stomach.  So, for them to call it this early shows they must have been way, way off.  With 41%of the vote in Walker is still winning 59-41%. I know it will close when Milwaukee comes in, but it still won't be that close, or I guarantee CNN wouldn't have called the election this early.

Here is something hilarious.  The exit poll was so far off it was meaningless.  But CNN trying to find a bright spot out of this debacle for them [oops I mean the liberal Dems], they are using the same bogus exit poll to show that those people they polled would vote for Obama over Romney 51-43. Isn't that amazing, they are using an obvious bogus poll to find some bright light out of this election.  No way, baby!

Congratulations Scott Walker: This post is for you!

This is for you, patriots of the great state of Wisconsin. Thank you,
thank you!    On Wisconsin!:


Joel said...

Yes, Jonah Goldberg tweeted that those exit polls need to be examined. Meanwhile, let's savor the victory and celebrate! This bodes well for a President Romney in November!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Joel. You are exactly right...this bodes well for President Mitt Romney!

bradley said...

now, if supreme court does the correct thing and throw out mandate at minimum, obama's goose is well done!

Big Mike said...

:-) You are correct sir!
Thanks Brad!