Saturday, June 9, 2012

List of Beauty

Wendy, a friend and partner of my skin doc brother Brad, asked me what I thought was the best classical music to introduce to her young daughter. I told her it is always a good bet to go with the well known masters, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, etc.  I told her I would make a list for her.  One thing I believe is important in choosing classical music for newcomers, is to make sure to go with the pieces that have beautiful melodies.  Also, while I love chamber music and some operatic music, I believe it is important for an introduction, to go with the great orchestral music found in symphonies and concertos.  Any of the piano concertos by Mozart or Beethoven would be great picks.  I have stated before, that while there are many good violin concertos, there are four truly great ones by: Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Brahms and Tchaikovsky.  There are so many great symphonies to choose from it is very hard to pick just a few.  Again you can never go wrong by picking any symphony from Mozart or Beethoven or Haydn or Schubert or Dvorak or Tchaikovsky or Brahms.  Any of the symphonies composed by these great masters are truly masterpieces.

With all that in mind I am going to give a list for Wendy and all of you who are new to classical music and are beginning to listen to classical music, but just don't know what to buy or download to your I pods or other devices.   This is not a list of what I think are the greatest pieces of all time, or a list including every genre of classical music. There are so many beautiful pieces that I could have put on the list, but I just wanted to limit this to 10.  It is just 10 beautiful pieces that I think would be a good beginning to listen to for an introduction to classical music.  The order has no meaning of greatness [one could be ten and ten could be one]. 

Beautiful classical music introduction. The list:

 1. Beethoven: Piano concerto #5 [The Emperor]
 2. Mozart: Piano concerto #20
 3. Mendelssohn: Violin concerto
 4. Brahms: Symphony #2
 5. Bach: Air on a G string
 6. Rachmaninoff: Piano concerto #2
 7. Schubert: Symphony #8 [the unfinished]
 8. Beethoven: Symphony #5
 9. Mozart: Clarinet concerto
10.Smetana: "The Moldau" from Ma Vlast

The pieces I chose [and I could have picked 100] have so many great and beautiful melodies. Listen to the wonderful melodies in these three examples from the list:

Mendelssohn: Violin concerto in E minor,Movement 3, Allegretto non troppo-Allegro molto vivace:

Haydn: Trumpet concerto in E Flat Major, movement 3, Allegro, rondo::

Mozart: Clarinet concerto in A major, movement #3, Allegro, rondo:


Joel said...

Wow, this is a good list even for people somewhat familiar with classical music (me :D)! Thanks!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Joel!