Friday, June 8, 2012

Hugh Hewitt's VP Choice May Surprise You

On the Hugh Hewitt radio show on Thursday, June 7, Hugh made a somewhat surprising, but I think great choice for Mitt Romney to choose for his running mate, the former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush.

Not to imply that I am in the same league as the great lawyer and constitutional law professor, Hugh Hewitt, but about a month ago I tweeted that I thought Jeb Bush would be Romney's surprise VP pick.  My first choice, I tweeted, is Marco Rubio, but I would be happy if Mitt Romney surprised with Jeb.  Of course, not many agreed with me as they said Jeb would bring back memories of president George W Bush and it would play into president Obama's hands.  I tweeted back that Jeb is not George and the only people who would buy into that theory are the closed minded liberals who will vote for Obama no matter who Romney picks as VP.

While Florida looks very good now for the GOP, the popular ex governor of FL Jeb Bush would guarantee the state, and that would free up resources that could be used in the other battle ground states.  Also, Jeb is very popular among Hispanic Americans, even to a greater extent then his brother, president George W Bush.   He would greatly cut into Obama's advantage with those voters that he had in 2008.  President Obama will almost surely lose some of the youth vote [in percentage and participation] that he had in 2008.  So, if he were to also lose much of the Hispanic voter advantage that he had in his first campaign, it would be almost impossible for him to make up for losses in those two constituencies.  So, just for those two political reasons for a Jeb Bush vice presidency, winning Florida and helping increase Romney's vote with Hispanic Americans, the ex governor of Florida would be a great choice.

Even looking past political considerations, Governor Jeb Bush would be a great VP pick, because of his strong executive experience.  Jeb was a popular govenor because he produced great results in Florida. Jeb Bush  is well liked by most Americans [non liberal Americans], especially independents.   He would be well equipped to become president in the case of [God forbid] some emergency situation.

Like I said, my first choice for Romney's VP is Senator Marco Rubio; but if that is not Mitt's choice, I will be pleasantly surprised if Mitt Romney listens to Hugh Hewitt and chooses Jeb Bush as his running mate.

I hope it will be either the MR-2 team of Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio or the Mitt and Jeb team of Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush.

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