Thursday, June 21, 2012

CNN, Doing It's Part

In the break room at work they usually have on CNN.  Not my choice, but they don't even have access to the Fox News Channel. When president Obama first made his monarch, I mean executive order on illegal immigration [last Friday morning], the anchors on CNN went gaga with excitement on the new policy and how it would help Obama with his re-election effort. They brought on the air one after another young Latinos who had tears of happiness over the announcement. Okay, that was the day of the announcement, so I can understand all the focus on that issue. I can even understand over the weekend and on their Sunday shows spending a lot of time covering this issue.

But today [Tuesday] is the fifth day after Obama's announcement.  Maybe it is just a coincidence, because of the times I went on break and took lunch, but CNN was still all over this issue.  I thought nothing would overtake the amount of times I heard about Obama's "gutsy" call to get Bin Ladin, but every time I have heard this issue discussed on CNN, they were talking about Obama's brilliant move and how this really puts Republicans in a bind and could turn the tide for Obama in key swing states with a lot of Hispanics.

In my opinion this move by Obama was totally political as he thinks this will help him with Latinos in the vote in November.   He also made this move hoping Mitt Romney and the Republicans would take much time talking about this to distract from the Romney campaign talking about the economy.  Thank goodness Romney is not taking the bait and is concentrating on the campaign trail on jobs and the economy. That is the road to victory for Romney, and Obama knows that very well.

So, with Romney not taking the bait, CNN looks like they are going to do their man Barack's bidding by milking this issue for everything it is worth, as long as they can.   More talk by CNN on this issue is less time they have to talk about the economy.

CNN, doing their part to help their man.
Update 1:   Today, Wednesday amazingly when I went in the break room at work, CNN was not talking about Obama's "brilliant move" on illegal immigrants.   They started talking about the House Committee headed by Darryl Issa, looking into the Fast and Furious scandal of this administration and this attorney general.  This was the discussion in the morning of whether they should issue Eric Holder a contempt citation for not delivering the documents asked for.  I thought to myself, wow, they are going to actually show some of the committee's discussion.  Guess what part they broke in for?  It was when Elijah Cummings, D-MD was talking.  Rep. Cummings was blasting Darryl Issa for the hearings. CNN played his whole talk.  Ah, I thought, now we will get to hear Issa's response. No, it was just a coincidence I am sure, that is when CNN had to go on a break. When they came back, Issa was done speaking. So, CNN said let's go to the next speaker. They had no idea I am sure that it was another Democrat, Carolyn Maloney from NY.  CNN played all of Maloney's diatribe attacking Issa and the Republicans on the committee. Now, finally I would get to hear a Republican talking about why Attorney General Holder should be voted a contempt citation.   I kid you not, CNN said they had to go to another break.  Just another coincidence on CNN, I am sure. Because of those "coincidences" I only got to hear Democrats on the committee and not any Republicans.

Or is it example 2 of CNN, doing their part to help their man.
Update 2.  On my last break I take [it may seem like I am getting a lot of breaks, but it is only 2] just before I get off work, CNN had Wolf Blitzer on.  I used to think Wolf Blitzer was one person on CNN who was somewhat fair in his reporting, that is before I have got to see him a few times the last couple of months. From what I  have seen, in my opinion, Wolf is just another liberal sycophant Obama supporter.  Today Wolf was touting this totally bogus poll and he said:  "I bet Mitt Romney is having an upset stomach at having to view this poll."  Wolf wasn't even talking about a poll by CNN. He was talking about this Bloomberg poll that sampled adults.  Not likely voters.  Not even registered voters.  And how do we even know it they polled only Americans. That meaningless poll had Obama up by 13 points.  No other poll on earth is anywhere close to that bogus poll, but Wolf Blitzer used it. Why?   There are polls of likely voters and registered voters out today that shows Mitt Romney in a small lead, or Barack Obama in a small lead, or a dead even race.  But Wolf Blitzer picked out this outlier poll of adults to show his audience what the state of the race is today.  Think about that.  Fair reporting? 

Or is it example 3 of CNN, doing their part to help their man.
Thank goodness the audience that watches the Obama sycophant network, is small.  Very small.  With reporting like what I demonstrated above, is it any wonder why CNN's audience is small and getting smaller by the day?


bradley said...

The ONN NETWORK ( yes I mean ONN not CNN,) is about as objective as the jurors who were on the OJ Simpson jury!
Anyone who has any objectivity at all would be nauseated after 5 minutes of watching that network!

Big Mike said...

You are correct sir. The Obama News Network it is!

Anonymous said...

I use to live in ATL! Home of the miserable CNN aka: Clinton News Network & now Obama News Network. Actually it should represent Communist News Network. Ugh. Makes my head hurt. Thanks for reporting Michael. To me, watching CNN would be torture.

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

I agree Austin Krissy. Since it is on at work, I watch for you, so you don't have to face torture. :-))