Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two Great Men. Three Great Hours of Radio

My two favorite radio hosts are Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager.  To listen to their radio shows is a treat. To be able to listen to them together is a real treasure.  Well on Wednesday, on the Hugh Hewitt radio show, from the Nixon library in Yorba Linda, California, Hugh had Dennis Prager as his guest for the full three hours.

Wow, talk about great radio. They talked about religion, politics, values, marriage, life-all things discussed in Dennis Prager's new book: "Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph"

Hugh Hewitt, says  Dennis Prager's "Still the Best Hope" is not only a good book, but a very important book that should be read by all Americans.

While Hugh, never the shy one about promoting his web site, mentioned his Hughniverse web site first, he surprisingly took the time to mention Dennis Prager's great teaching web site [on almost every topic, religion, Israel, politics, etc.] Prager University.

Dennis told so many truisms during Hugh's show. For example, Dennis said: leftism is a religion, but a religion with out facts.

When talking about president Obama's final non surprise "conversion" to saying he accepts gay marriage, Dennis said it is not anti gay or bigoted to say that marriage is and should be between a man and a woman. He said to argue that marriage should be redefined to something other than between a man and woman is to declare America's value system meaningless.  Dennis Prager said there are those who are saying gay marriage is inevitable, so Americans might as well just except it. Dennis said he does not believe that it is inevitable and those who are arguing that it is, are the ones who favor gay marriage.

For those of you who wish you could have heard all three hours of this great radio rhetoric, you can. If you go to Hughniverse and become a member, you can hear podcasts of any past Hugh Hewitt radio show. Tales would like to recommend that strongly for those of you interested in interesting, intellectual, conservative talk.

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