Thursday, May 10, 2012

Poor Judd Makes It Close

Headlines from the Christian Science Monitor online:

"Ouch! Obama loses 41 percent of W.Va. primary vote to federal inmate."


Does anyone remember when Mitt Romney would be running against five and six credible GOP candidates, would win the primary, but the question that was asked by the main stream media was, "doesn't it show weakness that Romney can't get 50% of the vote among Republican voters?"  Then the Obama media would add: "this shows Romney will have an uphill battle getting Republicans out against Obama."


 So, let's see here.  In the West Virginia primary, with only one candidate [and I would say not very credible] running against him, federal inmate [from Texas] No. 11593-051 – otherwise known as Keith Judd, Obama was able to muster only 59% of the vote.


 Poor Judd [anyone remember 'Oklahoma'] from his prison cell in Texas was able to win 41% of the vote, 10 counties and a delegate. 


So my question is: Who will be the first one in the main stream media to ask: "Doesn't it show weakness that Obama can't win 60% of the vote in a Democrat primary?" Then I want them to add: "this shows Obama will have an uphill battle getting Democrats out against Romney."


For my family I want to, I will not hold my breath waiting for the MSM to ask this, so you can stop worrying.



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