Friday, May 11, 2012

Main Stream Media: Obama's Move Popular and Gutsy?

Like me, I am sure you have heard the main stream media tell us: Obama's saying he now has evolved into favoring men being able to marry men and women being able to marry women, a decision that is right in line with the majority of Americans today. They would like us to think that all the polls show a majority of Americans supporting  the redefinition of traditional marriage.

Is that true? You may be able to find a poll or two saying that a slight majority favor gay marriage, but what about the only polls that count?  Where the people actually vote.  What do those polls [votes] show?

I found this article from November of 2009 from the UK Daily Mail:
"Voters in the U.S. state of Maine yesterday rejected a law allowing same-sex 'marriage'.
It means such unions have now been refused in all 31 states where the issue has been put directly to the electorate.
The result in the north- eastern state - which is known for its moderate electorate  -  was hailed last night as a victory for traditional marriage."

Now Tuesday night, North Carolina joins the list, making it 32-0 of  states, whose voters support the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. This vote wasn't close, just like almost all of the other states it has been voted on. Keeping traditional marriage passed 61-39% in North Carolina. 

So, for the polls that really count, the American people voting, the American people have and still do not favor changing the traditional definition of marriage.

So, we have the media on the one hand saying Obama's move was a popular one, right in line with the thinking of the American people.  Then, on the other hand, the same media is trying to convince us that Obama's historic [being the first president saying he supports gay marriage] pronouncement was a gutsy, courageous call.

Huh?   If the call was a popular one, how can it at the same time be called a gutsy one?  Wouldn't it be more accurate, in their eyes, for the main stream media to say that the switch was a crass political move, changing [as they are trying to tell us] because of the changing political climate.  If the main stream media actually believes a majority of Americans believe in gay marriage, how could Obama's switch, from his pronounced views to Rick Warren in 2008, to his views he expressed yesterday [Wednesday, to Robin Roberts of ABC News] be called courageous?

If they actually believed that [which they obviously don't] then they would be calling Obama's switch a weak and unprincipled one. The main stream media can't have it both ways.  Obama's pronouncement can't be both popular and gutsy.

Wait, I forgot, I'm not a liberal, like the main stream media, which has no qualms about being intellectually dishonest.
If you notice in this post I talk about gay marriage and not gays being able to marry. There is not one state that prohibits gays from marrying now. A gay man can marry a woman, gay or straight, and the same for a gay woman.  So, no one is discriminating on gays being able to marry. They just have to follow the laws of society like everyone else.

One more point.  Obama, running for president in 2008 did tell Rick Warren and the American people that he believes "the union of one man and one woman in marriage was a sacred one", with God in the mix [as he believes from his Christian faith].  So, I want someone to ask president Obama, would he consider a marriage between one man and another man to be a sacred one, with God in the mix?


Anonymous said...

Excellent Michael! So far though, the media is getting it both ways. They make up anything they want. Print it, put it on the lamestream news, have Hollyweird dopes propoganda it and make it seem cool. All make believe. It's just dark and the truth will ALWAYS out shine. Even when it doesn't look like it will.

Krissy in ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy! Happy Mother's Day!