Monday, May 21, 2012

Larry O'Connor On the 'Canary in the Coal Mine' Election

Make no mistake about it. The recall election in Wisconsin on June 5th will have huge national implications that I believe will spell doom for the Democrats in 2012.  To the Democrats chagrin Scott Walker seems poised to not just survive the effort by the unions and Democrats to oust him, but to score a stunning big win in the "progressive" [one time reliable] blue state.  All the recent polls that have come out in the last week show Scott Walker at the important 50% mark and a lead of between 5 and 9 points.

Larry O'Connor of Breitbart TV was hosting the Hugh Hewitt radio show on Friday and he called this recall election the 'canary in the coal mine' election. I agree with him of the importance of this election.  If the public unions are successful in their ousting of the Republican governor, that will signal a warning shot to all public officials at the state level trying to right their economic ship with fiscal responsibility and much needed reforms. This will bode ill for the economic health of the entire nation. It will also probably mean that Barack Obama will win Wisconsin again and probably the election. That will mean another four years of disastrous spending and taxing that will plunge this country toward a Greece like outcome.

On the other hand if the principled, reform minded Governor Scott Walker pulls out a win, and especially if it is as big a win as polls show now, this will send shock waves around the nation. You have to remember it was not just the local public unions that were putting money into defeating Walker [and economic reform] but unions and big donor Democrats from all over the nation.

A Scott Walker win will give great hope and courage to all the young reform minded Republican  governors to stand up to their public sector unions. A Scott Walker win will give a big boost of confidence to all patriotic Americans who do not want this country to continue on the path of economic disaster that we are headed if we continue in the same direction.

Another thing a Scott Walker win will do is to supply more evidence that Wisconsin is making a turn from a blue state to a true battleground state [and you would have to say leaning red].  If Wisconsin goes for the GOP, that almost surely means that similar fly over battle ground states like Ohio, Missouri and Iowa will also be in the GOP column in November.  If that happens, a Mitt Romney presidency in November 2012 would almost be a certainty.   That's why this election in just a couple of weeks is so huge.

In just a couple of weeks we will find out if that canary in the coal mine is silent, which means the unions and liberals would have been successful in stopping sensible economic reform in Wisconsin with their defeat of Scott Walker  That silence would surely portend disaster ahead for the United States of America.

I believe we will continue to hear the sweet singing sound of that canary in the coal mine, which means the great patriots of Wisconsin would have stood up to the unions and liberal Democrats and voted to keep Scott Walker as their governor.  That sweet sound would signal a renewed hope, that the restoration of fiscal sanity in the United States of America, can be achieved.

I am predicting a big double digit win for Scott Walker.  It will be a win, not just for Scott Walker, but for Wisconsin and for the nation!

Yes, I am predicting Wisconsin will make us [conservatives and patriotic Americans] all proud.

On Wisconsin, baby!


Anonymous said...

I pray the good Patriots of Wisconsin stand up for Scott Walker in the upcoming recall. Real fiscal reform isn't easy.

Krissy in ATX

Greg Williams in Moline,IL. said...

I hope the people of Wisconsin are wise to the results that will ensue if Mr Walker is not elected. The democrats will ruin our beloved country if we let them, so I pray that you will set the tone for the entire nation in this critical vital electional year with a resounding win in early June!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy! I am praying so also.

Big Mike said...

Amen big Greg! On Wisconsin!