Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Great Quip From The Producer of Hugh Hewitt Show

The Hugh Hewitt radio show has this great producer, Duane Patterson, aka generalissimo, aka DP, aka @radioblogger [on twitter with over a half million followers].  Hugh Hewitt recognizes Duane as: "If I only had a producer."

On Tuesday's radio show, in the Hughniverse chat room, Duane prompted the chatterers with this statement:
generalissimo: "Aaron Rodgers is going to hold a press conference in an hour."

Getting all the chatterers riveted attention about what that could be about...Duane, the kidder, not realizing that it was May 1st and not April 1st, finally let the cat out of the bag.

generalissimo: "he's going to take credit for winning the super bowl for the packers a year and a half ago."
generalissimo: "it's all the rage now, isn't it...taking credit for things in a team sport well after it's over?"

Are you listening Mr. wait you can't be listening as you are doing another End Zone dance in Afghanistan.   In the interest of worrying about the president's health, I give him this suggestion. Try not to hurt your arm by patting yourself on the back so much.

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