Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cruz Forces Runoff With Dewhurst

Congratulations to conservative, freedom loving Ted Cruz as Fox News Channel has just announced he has  forced a runoff with David Dewhurst!

The fetching Mrs B and I were blessed to be able to meet Ted Cruz at an event in Houston a few months back. Mr Cruz at that time announced how he was going to win the senate seat.  He told how he would force a runoff with David Dewhurst, even though far behind at that time [saying he was saving his money at the crucial time... and not too soon before the primary]. His plan worked perfectly.  Now because Ted Cruz has not spent as much as Dewhurst, he will be in very good shape for the runoff campaign.  Believe me, David Dewhurst did everything he could and spent millions in trying to stop a runoff.

Ted Cruz said if he could just force a runoff, then his superior grass roots campaign will be able to get out the vote, where there is usually a very light turnout. That will be the difference in propelling Ted Cruz to victory on July 31!

Think about it, Ted Cruz started this race in low single digits, with very little name recognition, 30 points behind and he has made an amazing charge to force a runoff with the man who had a huge name recognition and money advantage.  As I have predicted in other posts, this race has Marco Rubio written all over it, where that brilliant, articulate, conservative,  Cuban American came from way behind to win in a landslide.  I am predicting Ted Cruz to win in an impressive fashion on July 31!

Thank you GOP voters of Texas. Now let's finish the job in round 2!

Please join with me in supporting Ted Cruz and finishing the job by clicking  here.

God Bless Ted Cruz!

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