Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bless Israel's Michael Oren

Hat Tip: Naomi Ragen. Check out Naomi Ragen's web site for: A Rusty Hatchet Job

From Naomi's site she notes that Bob Simon of  CBS News was going to do a piece on 60 minutes of Christian Palestinians leaving Israel in droves [according to Simon] due to Israel's "occupation" in the Holy Land.

Naomi states that: " Michael Oren [Israel's Ambassador to the United States], called his [Bob Simon's] producer to complain about Simon’s unaired show on Christian Palestinians, calling it “outrageous [and] completely incomprehensible” especially “when Christians all over the Middle East’s Muslim world were being oppressed and massacred.”

In her story Naomi Ragen points out that "Ambassador Oren pointed out, the exodus of Christians is from PA controlled West Bank. Arabs in the Israeli town of Nazareth, for example, are thriving."  Simon didn't seem convinced that Christians are living under duress because of the Muslims and not the Jewish people of Israel.

Naomi says correctly: " I’m sure they [the American public] prefer Oren’s goods to Simon’s shoddy alternative.  After all, when was the last time a Christian church was desecrated by Israelis?  The last time Jews raped Christians girls to convert them to Judaism?  The last time the Israeli authorities shook down a Christian businessman?"

God Bless Michael Oren.  With all of the discrimination, violence and terror that Christians are facing from extremists Muslims in Muslim countries [as Michael Oren points out] CBS News outrageously goes out of their way trying to create, out of thin air, equivalency to Israel causing Christian's [Palestinian] duress. Shame on you CBS News.

The outrage that should be shouted out from all decent Americans and people of the world is the deafening silence from the media of the suffering the Christians and their churches are facing today in Muslim countries.
Please read Naomi Ragen's entire article on her web site and in the Jerusalem Post here.

This is one reason Tales from a tribble has called Naomi Ragen one of   Two Great Women of The World.

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