Monday, April 30, 2012

US Senate Election In Texas Resembling Florida 2010

This man, born and raised in the United States by Cuban immigrant parents, is a strong, articulate, principled conservative. Running for the United States Senate from his home state, he has been favored by the tea party; at the start of the campaign this man was actually more well known outside his state than within; starting with a huge double digit deficit because of a lack of name recognition in his own home state, but gaining constantly in every poll and coming from behind to win, this man has become a US Senator and a budding star in the GOP.

Of course, I am talking about  Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.  In his campaign for senator in 2010, he overcame  a huge deficit to come out of nowhere and defeat the turncoat moderate/liberal Governor Charlie Crist.

When Ted Cruz finalizes his win over David Dewhurst [the lieutenant governor of Texas], and then defeats the Democrat nominee in November to become the US Senator from Texas, those exact same words in the opening paragraph also will apply to him.

Ted has openly acknowledged his huge deficit of 30% points at the beginning of this race and has said his key to victory would be to get into a runoff with David Dewhurst.  While, unfortunately, there are small turnouts in primary elections, there are minuscule turnouts in runoff elections.  In the runoff, this election will be determined by the strong grass roots advantage Cruz has [with help from the tea party organizations around the state] over Dewhurst.  The most principled conservatives in the Republican runoff will be the most likely voters. So, all Cruz needs to do is to get into a runoff where he then would be the favorite to

The latest poll from PPP, a few days ago, shows Cruz closing fast.  Dewhurst is well below the 50% mark at 38% and Cruz is easily in second place with 26%.  Cruz will force a runoff and he will be in that runoff.

Tales has endorsed Ted Cruz and is excited about this latest poll.  Choose Cruz for US Senate!

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