Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rick, Is It More Important To You To Stop Romney Or Obama?

Rick Santorum, in my opinion, is beginning to show he cares more about his fortunes in the GOP nomination race, then in the GOP defeating president Obama and deny him a second term. That is very upsetting to those of us whose main goal is to make sure this divisive, destructive president [economically and on the world scene] does not have another four years to further weaken our great country.  Rick surely knows that he has no chance at winning the nomination, and that Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee. The best Rick can hope to do is to delay the inevitable. But why?  The longer this nomination battle [massacre] goes on, and Romney has to use up money that could be used in the general election can only benefit the man who all conservatives want to see defeated, Barack Obama.

In his speeches, Rick Santorum hints the reason that he continues in the race.  He keeps bringing up the quintessential conservative Ronald Reagan's campaign against Gerald Ford in 1976.  There are three problems with that comparison.  Ronald Reagan did continue on to the convention with Ford still slightly short of the delegates needed. But Ronald Reagan lost that battle at the convention to Gerald Ford.  Secondly, the GOP lost the presidency to the weak incompetent Jimmy Carter.
Third, and most important Mr. Rick Santorum: 'The American people knew Ronald Reagan, the American people loved Ronald Reagan, and sir, you are no Ronald Reagan.'

Rick Santorum, on the second point I postulated, would say that the reason we lost that election to Jimmy Carter was because the convention turned to the moderate Gerald Ford.  That may or may not be true Rick, but the fact is if the great Ronald Reagan, who was very close to Gerald Ford in delegates when the convention started, couldn't win at the convention, how could you possibly beat Romney at the convention when you will be certainly hundreds of delegates behind.  Even in that scenario, which won't happen, Romney would still win in the first ballot.

So, I ask again, "Why Rick, why are you continuing in the GOP race, and worse, continually attacking the man who will be our nominee, Mitt Romney, and not Barack Obama.  That is destructive and senseless, unless you are such an egomaniac you just cannot think straight.

There is only one plausible reason I can think of for Rick Santorum to keep trying to destroy the eventual GOP nominee, Mitt Romney. Santorum must be thinking that he can do like Ronald Reagan did after he lost the election in 1976, to go on to win in 4 years the nomination and the presidency.  But for the only way for that to happen, Rick has to hope that the GOP nominee loses to president Obama in 2012.  If that is his reasoning, I don't think I am the only conservative who will be disgusted with him,  and make sure he never gets anywhere again in the GOP.

Rick Santorum, if you do stay in this race [at least until your home state of Pennsylvania], could you at least hold your fire on Romney and direct it at Barack Obama.  That may actually help you.
Again I would like to present to you an email from my younger skin doc brother, Brad.  As I told you before my brother is a great patriot who is a strong fiscal and foreign policy conservative who loves Israel.  He is an independent as, unlike me,  he is a moderate to liberal on social issues.  I know some of you may not care what an independent thinks, but make no mistake, the truth is, if we are to win this election and stop Barack Obama from transforming our country into one we do not like, we need independents to win this election. Having only conservatives and Republicans alone will guarantee another four years of Obama.

Here is Brad's e-mail un-edited sent right after Santorum's speech after the primaries on Tuesday, in which Rick lost all three primaries:

I am totally convinced that santorum, after tonight, is an egocentric, narcissistic , delirious, confused and selfish candidate--- he would rather destroy and see Romney lose, give the election to Obama, if he can't be the candidate--- "screw the country, if it ain't me, it won't be you" even if the country's future lies in the balance!
So furking frustrating!!!



bradley said...

Rational thought must direct anyone who strives to be a great and true leader--- I can think of NO rational reason for santorum to continue to try and destroy the obvious republican nominee--- therefore a potential great and true leader he is NOT!

Big Mike said...

Right on brother! Thanks!