Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pianist extraordinaire

As I said in yesterday's post, Mrs B and I went to the Houston Symphony last night, and wow, was it great.  There was a solo pianist playing Beethoven's great piano concerto #1 who I had never heard of.  Shame on me.  He was fantastic. He was up there with all of the greats we have been blessed to hear. Jon Kimura Parker played with so much emotion and displayed an awesome virtuosity.

At the completion of the concerto, the crowd in unison stood up and gave Parker a rousing standing ovation... He went off stage and had to come back 4 times as the crowd wouldn't let up. He got ready to play an encore, but before he sat down he said: "It sure is nice to be back home." He then played a prelude from Sergei Rachmaninoff. At the finish came two more standing ovations for J.K. Parker.
That's one thing I like about Houston symphony goers.  We appreciate great performances and are not shy about showing that appreciation by rising from our chairs.

I have found this video, I think you will enjoy, of Jon Kimura Parker discussing the extremely difficult to play, Rachmaninoff 3rd piano concerto, aka the Rach 3.

Now while I couldn't find a video of Jon Kimura Parker playing the Rach 3, here is the 3rd movement that he was just talking about.  In this video there is a bridge for a half minute that leads from the second movement to the third.  The third movement actually begins a the 33 second mark.

Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto #3, movement 3, Alla Breve:

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