Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh, What A Week

On Friday at sundown begins the Jewish holiday of Passover.  While not the highest holy day for Jews, as God has reserved that for Yom Kippur, "The day of atonement", this is a very important holiday and has  a tradition that almost every Jew celebrates [usually with their family]. Passover reminds Jews of all the Blessings God has given to the Jewish people.  What a great time to be with family for the Passover Seder for great food...mmm, can't wait for that Matzoh Ball soup, and the family taking turns reading from the Hagadah.

Friday is also Good Friday for Christians.  But not just Friday, this whole week is a very Holy one for Christians, culminating in their sacred Easter Sunday. I am Jewish and not Christian, but I don't think I am wrong in saying that this is the most important and highest Holy days for Christians. From the New Testament this is the essence of Christianity and its many believers around the world.

So, I wish all Jews a Happy Pesach and all Christians a Happy Easter.

While this week is so important for believers, this week is also probably the most exciting week in the year for sports fans.  On Monday night we had the culmination of the NCAA Basketball tournament with the Championship game. [Congratulations Kentucky Wildcats!]  Then on Thursday begins the "Masters" PGA major tournament.  I think this is the most anticipated of all the major golf tournaments.
Also, this week begins the opening days of  our national past time, Major League Baseball. Is there any other week that is more anticipated in sports?

So, for people of faith and for sports fans [not mutually exclusive], oh, what a week!


bradley said...

well said, big mike---- happy holidays to all!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad!