Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hugh Hewitt's Top 12

Intelligent, conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt has developed his list of Republicans running for election this year that conservative Republicans should help [with donations] to make sure they win election in November.  That list obviously includes the soon to be presidential nominee Mitt Romney along with congressional candidate Tom Cotton who is running for an open seat in Arkansas that is currently held by a Democrat.  It also includes 10 Republicans running for the US Senate. He concentrates on the Senate races as he knows how critically important it is for the GOP to take away the reigns from the obstructionist Democrat Harry Reid and have a strong conservative majority.

Hugh Hewitt doesn't call this list the Big 12 probably because he is a big Ohio State and Big Ten fan, so he is not really enamored with the term Big 12.  Probably for the same reason, Hugh doesn't call the top 10 senators he wants us to support the Big 10, as to Hugh, while he supports the Big 10, he really believes it should be called the Big 1-Ohio State. :-)

Here is Hugh Hewitt's list that can be found on his Hugh Hewitt blog.

Mitt Romney-President

Tom Cotton-House for Arkansas

and his list of 10 senators that are a must for Republicans to [as Hugh calls this list] "Take Back the Senate":         [I put in my order of importance]

Ted Cruz-TX
Josh Mandel-OH
George Allen-VA
Connie Mack-FL
Sarah Steeleman-MO
Pete Hoekstra-MI
Pete Hegseth-MN
Jan Bruing-NE
Denny Rehberg-MT
Scott Brown-MA

I know it is hard to support all on that list in these economic times, but I hope you will donate to Mitt Romney's campaign and also at least two people on Hugh's list.  I personally have donated what I could afford [and I admit I am Jack Benny fan as far as any spending is concerned] to Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz and Josh Mandel.  Why don't you pick out your choices and join me.

To donate on Hugh's blog click here.
To go to Hugh Hewitt's blog site home, click here.

For those of you who listen to the Hugh Hewitt show or those who have heard about Hugh but never listened I encourage Hugh to become a member of his Hughniverse where you can hear podcasts of every show plus some great articles and commentary from Hugh, his radio producer Duane Patterson, and the wordsmith extraordinaire, James Lileks. You can even here some great music from Duane Patterson's "Duanes FM."  To become a member of the Hughniverse please click here.

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