Friday, April 13, 2012

Hilary Rosen's Attack on Ann Romney Unites the GOP

Thank you Hilary Rosen. In one fell swoop [dumb statement] you have done something I wasn't sure that Mitt Romney would be able to do.  You have united all Republicans [Santorum supporters, Gingrich supporters, conservatives and moderates] against your comments and against your party. We don't have to wonder anymore if the Republicans will unite behind Romney. It is happening today.

Hilary Rosen said that Mitt Romney is wrong to rely on Ann Romney's opinion on the economy because "she has never worked a day in her life."  Ann Romney, who is a breast cancer survivor and is fighting Multiple Sclerosis, has probably worked harder than the obnoxious Hilary Rosen, as she has raised five great children.  A great mother and wife, Ann Ronmey made that choice to be a stay at home mom. Women who choose to stay at home and raise their kids should be respected just as much as women who choose to work. It's a choice each woman and family has to make. To demean either choice is obnoxious to me. To say one choice is better than the other is obnoxious to me.  Hilary Rosen from the pro choice party....yeah, pro choice, right. Not when it comes to stay at home moms. What's worse she said in a derogatory way that Mitt Romney is old fashioned when it comes to women.  Why because his wife decided to be a stay at home mom and he supported his wife?

My mom ["Reenie"], was both a stay at home mom raising my brothers, sister and me when we were young, and later in life as a working mom. We were not a rich family, but that was my mom's choice.  My mom was the best mom in the world whether she was staying at home raising us, or when she was working. My mom, could have given my wonderful Dad [Pop] great advice on economics when she was a stay at home mom, just as much as when she was a working mom.

My wife, Sheralyn, stayed at home raising our beautiful daughter Ebony for the first two years of her life. That was her choice and I agreed with her. I was so appreciative of that choice, as I knew she was sacrificing working on the outside, to raise Ebony in the most important first two years of her life.  She didn't stay at home those two years because we were rich and had an option others didn't have.  She stayed at home those two years because that was her choice.  My wife went back to work after those two years, again her choice.  Sheralyn was just as much a wonderful mom and person when she was raising Ebony those two years, staying at home, as when she went back to work.  No better, no worse.  Both choices were her choice, and neither choice was a bad choice. During those years when Sheralyn was a stay at home mom we discussed economic issues. I valued her  thoughts just as much when she was a stay at home mom as when she was a working mom.

The Democrats are trying to shy away from Hilary Rosen's statements and she herself is trying to walk it back. This is one of those statements you cannot walk back.  She said it. She believes it. And stay at home moms around the nation are speaking out. 

Hilary Rosen has awakened a sleeping giant that will destroy the Democrats in 2012.


bradley said...

Rosen's comments cannot be explained in a rational way, it was obnoxious, rude, and demeaning no matter how she try's to apologize or explain it. I pray that the republicans come together, keep eye on the ball, and work to defeat this president whose policies are anti- woman, anti- men, anti- working and successful americans, anti supreme court, anti- constitution, ant- Israel , dah de dah de dah de dah!!!!!!

Big Mike said...

Brad, I can tell you from twitter that those comments have brought together Republicans like nothing else.
They also shut up the Dems cry of the GOP war on women. You won't hear that anymore.

Thanks Brad!

Joel said...

Well done, Michael, for the post and Brad for the comment. We might be seeing more of these hypocritical liberal comments as the campaign proceeds. They are showing their true colors!

Big Mike said...

You are exactly right Joel! Thanks for your great comment!