Friday, April 20, 2012

The Dog Days Of The 2012 Campaign

I love twitter.  I especially love it as conservatives and the GOP have finally learned how to use it to their advantage.  Everyone has been talking about Obama and Dems use of the social media giving them the advantage, but those day of dominance by liberals have faded into obscurity. 

Hilary Rosen's "war" on the stay at home mom Ann Romney, blew up in her face with an immediate response from conservatives on twitter that spread like wild fire. I heard on Bill Bennett's Morning in America radio show from the great conservative pundit Byron York of the Washington Times, it was he [@ByronYork] who started it off with a tweet about what he saw on CNN from Hilary Rosen. Then Ann Romney [@AnnDRomney] herself responded to stand up, not just for herself, but for all the great stay at home moms.  Then Hilary Rosen responded in an arrogant, snarky tweet back to Ann Romney.   It was on!   We conservatives blew up twitter with tweets and retweets making this an issue the main stream media could not ignore.

Then we have another case of conservative power on twitter.  The insufferable Chicago Obama spokesman, David Axelrod tweeted what he thought was a brilliant dig at Mitt Romney that would surely win the animal rights vote for Obama.  He tweeted with a picture, from twit pic, of Obama riding in his limousine with his dog.  Axelrod added the caption: "This is the way you treat dogs". Oh, ha, ha. He thought he had Romney, because Mitt once took a family trip with his dog secured safely with a windshield, on top of his vehicle.  But conservatives found out Obama, in his own words of reading his book "Dreams from my father" for audio, that while a child in Indonesia, Obama ate dog meat, i.e., he ate dogs.  So, the backfire was about to begin.

Here comes us conservatives, with some of the most humorous tweets you will ever see on twitter.  "Oh, Axelrod, this is how you treat dogs?"  "The dog days of Obama."   "Romney may ride with his dog on top of his car, but Obama would barbeque him."  "Obama's new book has just come out: "Dreams from my Fido."

But the most humorous tweet, in my opinion, I had heard that came out, I got from a caller on Bill Bennetts show, Dr. Marty.

This I will name the tweet of the week: "what does Obama call Mitt Romney riding with his dog on top of his car?: Meal on wheels."


Covnitkepr1 said...

Why would the Obamas need another dog...they already had one in the family.

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