Friday, March 9, 2012

The War on Women?

The left thinks they now have the big issue that will defeat the Republicans this November: The Republicans "war on women" [as the left calls it] . The Democrats are trying desperately to turn Obama's Health Care mandate on the Catholic Church, from an issue of religious freedom into one of women's rights. They are trying to say Republicans want to take away a women's right to have access to contraceptives, when there is not one Republican who is trying to deny a woman the right to obtain contraceptives. Check out my post: "It's Not About Contraceptives."  The left piously decries "destructive" language, while in the next breath talking about the GOP's "war on women."

President Obama trying to capitalize on this "war on women" theme from the left, used Rush Limbaugh's vulgar  description of Sandra Fluke as an opportunity to promote that theme. President Obama said in his news conference on "Super Tuesday" that the reason he called Sandra Fluke [the 31 year old physically active college student] is because he wanted to tell her to keep on doing what she was doing [speaking out that is]. He said he did this because he didn't want his daughters Sasha and Malia to have to face such mean and destructive language if they speak out when they grow up.   Oh, really. We will discuss this later.

I may have to apologize to the leftists.  The left may be right after all.  I have found the following videos which shows there just may be a "war on women."  Check these out.


I apologize.  The left turned out to be right.  There is this "war on women."  And it is from the left.

The left hypocritically makes excuses for their fellow leftists' smut filled attacks on conservative women by saying that the ones doing those attacks are comedians, and that the attacks are not on unknown citizens but public figures.  What disgusting sorry excuses those are.  Every liberal should be ashamed when another liberal makes those excuses.  Every woman should be outraged that the left thinks it is okay to use insulting, vulgar language against women if it comes from a so called comedian.  It makes you wonder about the tastes of liberals who think that using the c word to describe a woman is funny.   Second, do you mean to tell me that you can use destructive, slime, hate speech against a woman if that woman is a public figure. Does the left really believe that?  So, you mean a conservative comedian could use the c-word for Michelle Obama and everyone should just say, that's alright, it was done by a comedian and besides Michelle is a public figure.   I don't think so, and I don't think the left really thinks that would be okay either.  I think there would be understandable there should when a liberal comedian uses that language against conservative women.

Back to Obama's sanctimoniously decrying the destructive mean language that he doesn't want his daughters to face when they grow up.  The ugly smut peddler Bill Maher who has used sickening destructive hate language against conservative women [the above video just one of multiple examples that could be shown], has given $1million dollars to Obama's re-election PAC and the Obama PAC  has accepted it.

I have three questions about that donation from the conservative women hater Maher to the Obama campaign. 

One: When will the main stream media ever ask any Democrat, and president Obama in particular, if they are going to apologize for Maher's comments about Sarah Palin [like they have asked every Republican candidates if they will apologize for what Rush Limbaugh said about Fluke]?

Two: When will president Obama call up Sarah Palin and tell her to keep on doing what she's doing in spite of the Maher hate talk against her?

Three: When will the high and mighty, righteous Barack Obama, who is so concerned about hate words attacking women, ask his super PAC to give Maher back his money that he has donated to Obama's campaign?

If Barack Obama does not give back the hate filled money, Tales, in the concern for kids, must apologize to Sasha and Malia Obama for their daddies regrettable lack of principle. Sasha and Malia, while your daddy may look like he doesn't care about what language you will face when you get older, by his accepting the money from women hater Maher, forgive him.  He is just trying to get re-elected. Consistency and truthfulness must not stand in the way of that goal, my children.


Anonymous said...

Amen. My sentiments exactly. I can see liberal women falling 4 this. Rush apologized, & I know I shamefully muttered some words against a woman who is capable of getting her own contraceptives or abortion or whatever. Just don't require Gov-ment to take our $$. Both sides in office now, need to go. The Obama's are a good example of a married couple to their daughters. But other than that, all these folk better beware of creeping Sharia. Not Conservative women or men. Good points Michael.
Krissy In ATX

Big Mike said...

Thanks Krissy. We must get this divisive man out of office!!