Thursday, March 29, 2012

This Endorsement Locks It Up For Mitt

I am with most pundits that say endorsements don't really change anything, don't really boost or hurt one campaign or another.  That is until I heard this endorsement by Sen Marco Rubio, R-FL.   Marco Rubio, is a dynamic, charismatic, articulate patriot of this country.  No one can deny his conservative credentials. No one can deny his tea party credentials. So, when he made this endorsement on the Sean Hannity program on Wednesday night, I don't think I was the only conservative Republican who was riveted listening to senator Rubio's endorsement.

Marco Rubio, who is my favorite United States senator, gave a strong, unequivocal endorsement of former Governor Mitt Romney for president. He said he is the man to take on and defeat president Obama. He continued in saying the defeat of this president is a must for those who care about American remaining the great exceptional country it is.

Senator Rubio didn't name any names, but he was talking about Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum when he said "they" admit they cannot win the Republican nomination without there being a floor fight at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, FL.  Senator Rubio states correctly, in my opinion, that would be a disaster for not just the Republican Party but for the nation, as it would lead to four more years of this president.  Four more years that will be devastating to the well being of this country. 

The Tales has endorsed Mitt Romney and is glad now to have the one endorsement that matters with us: Senator Marco Rubio, R-FL.   On Sean's show, senator Rubio said he will not be asked to be the Vice President and also he is happy to be serving as a senator for the great state of Florida with so much to do in that capacity.   This is the only point I disagreed with senator Rubio on.  I believe Mitt Romney will ask him to be his VP partner, and I hope and pray that Senator Marco Rubio accepts.

My hope is still:  Romney/Rubio 2012!


bradley said...

Yep, a superb endorsement , but the hate and ego that santorum and newt carry has made them devoid of common sense and blind to the big prize---- I am still worried that will destroy the country! Agree totally, Romney nd mitt can win!

Big Mike said...

Let not your heart be troubled Brad. Soon, very soon, the money to Newt and Rick will completely evaporate and all go to Mitt Romney. I predict very shortly, maybe after the next primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and D.C. in which I believe Mitt will sweep in a big way could be that time.
Even if they don't get out then, they will become irrelevant like Ron Paul has become. Anyone even remember Ron Paul anymore?
Thanks brother Brad