Saturday, March 31, 2012

Great Night Of Music And College Basketball

Thank goodness for the VCR.  One of my favorite and most anticipated sporting events to view is the NCAA Basketball "final four" games.  They will be playing at the same time as the fetching Mrs. B and I are enjoying another night at Jones Hall to watch the great Houston Symphony. So, shhh, no one tell me what happened at the final four, as I will be up late watching the two games as if they were live.

This Saturday concert at Jones Hall will include two British and one Russian composer. Benjamin Britten's Four Sea Interludes leads off the concert. Then before intermission is Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev's Violin Concerto #1 with the exciting Hillary Hahn as the solosit.  After the intermission are two pieces by Sir Edward Elgar. His adagio for string orchestra, harp and organ- "Sospiri",  and his wonderful Enigma Variations.  We have played parts of Elgar's beautiful Enigma Variations on the Tales a couple of times before. If you would like to hear those again [what Mrs. B and I will be hearing tonight], click here.

Tales would like you to hear a piece Sheralyn and I  will hear for the first time in concert, Sir Edward Elgar's Adagio: Sospiri [Italian meaning "sighs"].   Also, because we will be seeing and hearing a piece by Prokofiev [his 1st violin concerto], Tales will play another concerto by Prokofiev [while not his violin concerto, it still exeplifies the quintessential Prokoviev]--his piano concerto #1.  Prokofiev may not have the most beautiful melodies in his compostitions and indeed he uses a lot of dissonant phrases, but his music is so mesmerizing and enjoyable. Just hearing a few measures of his piano concerto #1 shouts out Prokofiev. Watch how at the end of the third movement, Prokoviev returns to the exciting theme of movement 1.

Sir Edward Elgar: Sospiri:

Prokofiev Piano Concerto #1 in D Flat Major

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