Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tales For Josh!

There has been some great news for those of us who want the young conservative running for the US senate from Ohio, Josh Mandel to win.   On March 6 Josh easily won the Republican primary with 62% of the vote and will face Democrat incumbent Sherrod Brown in November.

Josh, has served as the State Treasurer of Ohio and also as a Marine Corps veteran with two tours in Iraq.  Thank you for your service Josh.  Tales comes out enthusiastically for Josh Mandel for Senator from Ohio!

More good news for Josh and his supporters is that about a week ago the great Senator Marco Rubio, R-FL, strongly endorsed Josh Mandel.  Most endorsements don't mean much, but an endorsement by Marco Rubio, who has been talked about by almost everyone as a candidate for VP, means a lot in my opinion.   I hope it can help push Josh over the top.

Along with Ted Cruz, the conservative Republican Senate candidate running in Texas, there is no one more I would like to see win than Josh Mandel of Ohio. 

Please everyone go to the Josh Mandel web site  and the Ted Cruz web site and help these two great young,conservative Americans out so we can turn the Senate not just in the GOP's nod, but with a strong conservative majority.

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