Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Romney's Victory Speech of Economic Freedom Is A Winner

Now this was a victory speech.  Even those who do not support Mitt Romney have to admit this was a great speech by Mitt.  A straight assault on Barack Obama and his presidency was a welcome sign to conservatives around the country to show that Mitt Romney will take on Obama directly with no holds barred in the general election.

There was one major theme that permeated every aspect of Romney's victory speech. That theme was 'economic freedom'. Romney said at the end, that will be what this election is all about. These weren't just words said for words sake, these words were said by a man you could tell felt them in his heart. Finally, Mitt Romney gave a speech I think we [conservative Republicans] were all yearning for.

Mitt Romney gave a variation on a Reagan theme sentence when he said it wasn't the free market entrepreneurs that are the problem, it is the government that is the problem.

His best line was when he said after more than three years of apologies, failed policies, blaming everybody, shoving Obamacare down our throats....there is one word from the American people: enough.

Another great line was when he said Obama recently gave a speech talking about how America was a country full of Thomas Edison's, Bill Gates', Steve Jobs', etc.  Then Romney said, that is true, "but the problem is you are still Barack Obama."

Tonight [Tuesday] I thought Mitt Romney found his voice.  Economic freedom will be the issue of this campaign.    That will be a clear contrast to the class warfare dividing, taxing, government regulation stifling business president we now have.  I believe the American people will choose economic freedom over a European socialist style country.

The GOP nomination process can continue to go through the motions now, but to any realist it is obvious Mitt Romney will be our nominee.  I know that will be upsetting to some.  But with the stakes so high I hope every conservative patriotic American will join Mitt Romney in defeating Barack Obama.  Lets give Barack more time to consider his NCAA brackets in the future, without a country to destroy...... I mean worry about.

I say the time has come for conservatives to embrace Mitt.     Romney/Rubio 2012!


bradley said...

Agree, lets embrace the candidate that is electable and forget trying to nominate an ideally conservative, yet non-electable candidate.

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad!