Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Patriotic Rock Band

I saw on the Fox News Channel, Fox and Friends and on the Huckabee show, this unique rock group.  Unique because they are a conservative, patriotic band that promotes America and calls out the unhealthy liberalism. On Huckabee, they played this great song called "where was the media then".  I loved that one. My blog has had so many stories about the absence of the media when corruption of liberals and Democrats occur. I have said many times, where is the media now. 

So, for something completely different. I think you will like this by the rock band, Madison Rising.

Madison Rising: "Where was the media then?"

Here is another one of their songs that I like a lot. They dedicate it to all veterans and those courageous men and women serving today. It is called "Walking through that door".

Madison Rising: Walking through that door:

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