Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Must See Video For Every American Who Loves Israel

As I stated last week when I had cataract surgery on my left eye, I would be having cataract surgery on my right eye this week.  Thank God all went well with last weeks surgery and I pray for the doctor's expertise to once again come through for my surgery today. I learned from last week it will take a couple of days for the initial bluriness to go away and for the eye to heal enough not to strain working on the computer.  So, I hope you don't mind these repeat posts for the next couple of days that I will post in a time delayed method.  Thanks to all the readers of my blog. I really appreciate it.

Without further ado, here is a post from a few months ago.
Thank you so much: Emergency Committee For Israel for  this riveting video that must be seen by every American supporter of Israel and especially by every Jewish American. 

How any American supporter of Israel, especially any Jewish American who loves and supports Israel, would even think about voting for Obama to have a second term after viewing this non disputable factual account of the relationship between president Obama and Israel, is mind boggling to me.

Please, my fellow Jewish Americans, watch this video with an open mind before you make your vote for president in November.  I know many of you are liberal Jewish Democrats who differ from my conservative views.  That is okay. You have the right to your beliefs just as much as I do mine.  I know I also will not be able to persuade you from voting Democrat down the ballot. But please, if you value Israel, if you support Israel, if you love Israel, do not support Barack Obama for a second term. If  in your heart you could never vote for a Republican, then at least leave the top of the ticket blank and vote on your down ballot choices.     Thank you for watching this video with an open mind!
Please everyone visit and support  The Emergency Committee For Israel.


bradley said...

remarkable educational video---why do i feel that there are so many "head in the sand jewish americans" who fall for obama's rhetoric at the AIPAC convention and think , see, he is very suppotive of israel--- if they watch this video, and still have that view of him, one has to wonder about their level of education, or if not that, then their level of israel support!

Big Mike said...

I would wonder too brother! Thanks Brad.