Friday, March 9, 2012

Joel Pollak: Profile in Courage

It is sad that Andrew Breitbart has died so young, but he has left his innovative media empire in good hands with the editor in chief and legal counsel at Pollak.

This is an amazing video of a total smack down of the liberal media Barack Obama sycophant/spokesman Soeldad O'Brien [of CNN] by Joel Pollak.

This video shows two things. It shows the absolute discarding of any pretense of fairness by the MSM [the MSM does not even seem embarrassed by their display of lack of objectivity] ; and it shows what a great spokesman Breitbart has given the conservative movement in Joel Pollak.
Bravo Joel!! Andrew, I am sure, is smiling down with pride.

Thanks to for this video!


bradley said...

Hate to be personal, but when you watch Soledad on this interview, does the word b---- come to mind!!

Big Mike said...

That's what came to my mind, Brad.
I guess great minds think alike!

Liberals, might call us haters for saying that about Soledad.

Of course, if we were liberals and used that same word on a conservative woman, we would be called a Barack Obama donor.

bradley said...

touche big mike