Monday, March 5, 2012

Hugh Hewitt: "What Has Happened To George Will?"

Hat Tip: Hugh Hewitt host of the famous Hugh Hewitt radio show.  I am a tribble you know.  :-)

Hugh Hewitt on his radio show last Friday night, critically dissected  George Will's pessimistic, defeatist article in the Washington Post entitled: Plan B for stopping Obama.  In this depressing article [to me] Will postulates that the GOP should forget about winning the White House and concentrate on keeping the house and winning the senate.

George Will surmises that if the Republicans take control of the house and senate, Obama will be, in effect, a lame duck president. He asks,"how much damage can a lame duck Obama do?" 

Hugh Hewitt asks the better question not posed by George Will: "How much damage will Obama inflict on this country with another four years in office, without the restraints of an election to worry about?"

My question is, has George Will been living in a cocoon these last 3+ years under Obama?  Has Will missed the two supreme court nominees Obama has put up?  Has he missed Obamacare, the stimulus bill, the weakness on foreign policy, the dissing of Israel, the apologies for America to the rest of the world?  Has George Will missed the divisive rhetoric from this president, pitting one group of Americans against another group? Has Will missed the massive debt this president has piled up, the weakening of our AAA credit rating for the first time in history? Has Will missed the regulations  imposed and record number of un confirmed czars, that are not subject to congressional approval [where a majority in the senate would have meant nothing]? 

Does George Will really think it won't be so bad with another four years of this president? To Will we should just give up the idea of winning the white house because it looks improbable to him, and we should just concentrate on winning the senate and house.

Damn if I'm just going to give into Will's defeatist attitude by giving up on the idea of winning the white house in 2012.   First of all, it not only doesn't look impossible to me that the GOP will win, it looks very probable that Mitt Romney and, to a lesser extent, Rick Santorum will beat Obama. Second, even if it didn't look probable right at this moment [8 months before the election] I care too much about this country to just let this president have another four years without a fight.  It makes you wonder [like Hugh Hewitt has wondered] about George Will.

If I was given a certain choice right now that the GOP could have the white house but not win the senate, or win the senate but not win the white house, I would opt for a new commander in chief. It will be a sad day for America if we have to put up with Obama's divisive rhetoric and destructive policies for another four years.

There is only one plausible reason I can think of for George Will to have this defeatist, loser position of his.  He's a Cubs fan.

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