Friday, March 16, 2012

The Holder Injustice Department Is At It Again

Eric "I won't prosecute the New Black Panther Party members who intimidated white voters at the polls" Holder, is at it again.

Holder's inJustice Department has blocked Texas from using their newly passed voter ID requirement law.

This from the Washington Post:  "The Justice Department said that the law disproportionately harms Hispanic voters."

Despite a ruling by Holder that doesn't even have a modicum of common sense, this ruling is also so demeaning to Hispanics.  What is Holder implying?    Hispanics are so different from the rest of Americans that they don't have an ID like most citizens do, or they are not as smart as the rest of Americans who would be able to follow directions on how to get an ID?  Why aren't the groups that represent Latinos [like LULAC]  protesting this ruling.  We have  the Attorney General of the United States implying that Hispanic Americans aren't as responsible as non Hispanic Americans.

If Holder truly believes that having to show an ID disproportionately discriminates against Hispanics, why isn't Holder also blocking the showing of an ID in the following cases?  Isn't he concerned in these cases, where everyone is forced to show an ID, that Hispanics are disproportionately harmed?

Getting a social security card
Buying a car
Getting a job
Going on a plane
Getting a passport
Buying liquor
Getting a bank account
Cashing a check

And I could go on and on.  Doesn't that list just reveal how stupid Holder's  ruling is?
I am in total agreement with the Republican candidate for US Senate from Texas, Ted Cruz on this issue.  This is just one of the reasons I am hoping all of you will join me in helping  the conservative Ted Cruz win the Republican nomination for Senate.

The following is from the Ted Cruz web site:

Voter ID: Obama Justice Department Abusing Authority

March 12, 2012
By Ted Cruz

This is one more example of the Obama Justice Department protecting partisan Democratic power by abusing its authority. Justice should not be politicized, and President Obama should not be working to stop voter ID laws. Voter fraud undermines the integrity of our elections, and photo ID laws are reasonable, common sense measures to protect the legal votes of every American.
As the Solicitor General of Texas, I was honored to lead the fight for the States to defend voter ID laws, and the next Senator from Texas needs to continue that fight.
Join our fight for liberty here.


bradley said...

It's only an injustice to Hispanics when the dems could lose a vote, not when they are forced to show id's otherwise!
This administration has one agenda, and that is to win at all costs, don't let dishonesty and cheating get in the way of their buying votes from all who can legally or illegally vote!

Big Mike said...

Sickening is the correct word Brad. Thanks Brad!