Friday, July 13, 2012

Federal Government Ad:Get In Shape With Food Stamps

This was first posted on March 19, 2012.

Hat Tip: This video clipped from the Fox News Channel's Saturday morning great business show, "Cashin' In".

Can you believe this?   We have a government ad, payed for by the tax payers, to promote food stamps. Worse than that it leads one to believe that food stamps aid in one's fitness that can actually help you lose weight.  Tax payer ads are bad enough, but if the Obama administration is going to waste the tax payers money with promotional ads with the debt this country faces, at least have ads that promote getting a job, or getting off drugs, but please don't waste our tax money promoting food stamps.  Remember this ad isn't telling someone in need how to apply for food stamps, or where they can get food stamps. This ad is implying food stamps are a good thing to strive for.  The two ladies discussion at the end of the ad was sickening. They were laughing when they said: "oh, you get food stamps too."  Like that was something to be proud of.

I am not saying in this post that people in true need should not receive some aid to get food they can't otherwise get.  All I am saying in this post, this should not be something the government promotes.  What the Obama adminisration should be doing is getting out of the way of the private sector so jobs can be created.  Then there could be an ad telling people how to get off food stamps because of the good jobs available.   I'm not holding my breath on that ad.

As Fox News contributor Wayne Rogers said on the "Cashin' In" segment, the worst part of this ad is that "the tax payers are paying for an ad that promotes something the tax payers are also paying for."

I do not support Newt Gingrich for the GOP nomination for president, but he was correct in his description of Obama as the "food stamp" president [as the number of citizens on food stamps are at their greatest level in history].   Doesn't this federal government ad promoting food stamps legitimize Gingrich's term.  Don't all those on the left who castigated Gingrich for using that term, some even saying the use of that phrase was racist, owe Newt Gingrich an apology?    If, according to the Obama administration, food stamps should be promoted in a tax payer ad that is a good thing, then I guess they should also feel what Gingrich said was a compliment in their eyes.

While I was no fan of Bill Clinton, he did, with the insistence of a Republican led congress, finally sign into law a welfare reform bill that started to turn the tide away from the entitlement society.  With the unfortunate election of this leftist ideologue we now have as president, it is obvious the welfare state is making a big comeback. If this "food stamp" president is re-elected for another four years, and also Obamacare is allowed to stand, the transformation of this country from a thriving, hopeful free market capitalist system into a depressing, hopeless European socialist style country, will be complete. Then 2016 will no longer matter.  Our children and grand children will be consigned to live in a depressive entitlement society for the rest of their lives because those receiving the hand outs will so outnumber those paying for them.
To watch the entire Cashin' In segment on the federal government promoting food stamps click here.


Anonymous said...

Wow, there is so much changing in this nation faster than a speeding locomotive and about ready to crash very soon. And all this disaster is approaching as the months speed by toward November. And if Israel takes action or doesn't take action, we are facing some perilous times. We drove downtown ATX yesterday after the big festival, and the goobers I saw were an idication of where our society is headed, and it ain't pretty. Can't even recognize my country anymore. One should strive to get off food stamps not watch tv ads promoting food stamps. Propoganda ads will come fast and furious I suppose from now on.
Krissy in Austin

Anonymous said...

that is profoundly revolting. however, with a communist for president...are you surprised? anyone?

Big Mike said...

Great comments Krissy. Yep this is just the beginning of a propaganda onslaught... Aided by the MSM.

We have got to make sure they don't win.
Thanks KC!

Big Mike said...

Not surprised at all. Just sickened.

Joel said...

So very depressing! Unbelievable! Just another part of an administration that tells us we can keep our own doctor (yeah, right) under Obamacare, another threat to our freedom. I don't want to be like Europe!!

Big Mike said...

I don't either Joel! I hope the American people think about what they would be living to our children.
God Bless, Joel!

Anonymous said...

Paid < $3/gal. for gas the other day and the Supreme Court gives thumbs up to Obama Care. Obama really cares about this country, Long live the King!

Big Mike said...

Great for you anonymous. And if Obama gets reelected you may need those food stamps to pay for that gas.