Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bibi Delivers For Israel Again

On Monday night, before AIPAC [the American Israel Public Affairs Committee], Benjamin Netanyahu once again gave a stirring, riveting speech.  Whenever I hear Netanyahu speak, it makes me so proud to be a Jew. Monday night was no different. This speech did more than that though.  It also comforted me, as someone who loves Israel, to know that the prime minister of Israel will never allow the destruction of Israel and a second Holocaust, which would happen if Iran were allowed to develop nuclear weapons.  "We are masters of our own destiny" Bibi said.

When Prime Minister Netanyahu said "never again, never again", I got chills over my body. Israel is in good hands with Bibi at the helm. 

Is there any Jew [that loves Israel] around the world, that didn't have a stirring pride when Prime Minister Netanyahu said, "make no mistake about it,  Jerusalem is and will always be the undivided capital of Israel".

The prime minister said he wanted the Israeli people to stand up and thank America and the American people for being such staunch supporters of the state of Israel.  Well, Mr. Prime Minister, I want every American Jew to stand up and thank you for being such a staunch supporter of every Jew in the world.  You are not just making sure that Israel will stand forever, you are making sure that Judaism [the Jewish people] will stand forever.  Thank you Prime Minister Netanyahu. God Bless you. What a magnificent leader Israel has in Benjamin Netanyahu. He delivered, one more time, for Israel and the Jewish people.

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