Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What else happened on his watch?

President Obama is never shy about saying that he "did" Osama Bin Ladin on his watch.  Actually, Mr. President it was the heroic Navy SEAL 6 team who "did" Osama Bin Ladin. But we will give you credit that it happened on your watch. We will congratulate you for making a call, that I believe, most, if not every other president would have made.  But if you want Kudos on the killing of Bin Ladin because it happened on your watch, then you surely must accept responsibility for the other
occurrences that happened on your watch.

President Obama, let's see what else happened on your watch:

On your watch: there are over 46.2 million people in poverty - nearly one in six people - according to the US Census Bureau's annual report. This is the most people in poverty in the 52 year history of the Bureau taking that statistic.

On your watch: the unemployment rate [after the Democrats in congress passed your stimulus bill]   has been above 8% for every month of your presidency -- 36 straight months.

On your watch: [using your own words] "the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer."

On your watch: Black unemployment has been over 15% for two and a half years. Black teenage unemployment today is over 40%

On your watch: A record number of people [almost 46 million] and a record number of households [15%] receive food stamps.

On your watch: the national debt has skyrocketed to 15.3 trillion dollars

On your watch: The United States of America has had their credit rating dropped below a AAA rating for the first time in history.

On your watch: The Muslim Brotherhood has gained strength in the Middle East.  In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood seems to be in complete control of the government.

On your watch: You've dissed our best ally in the Middle East, Israel and their Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, numerous times [ex., publicly scolding many times Israel for building homes in their own country; leaving Netanyahu alone after a meeting at white house to go to dinner; undermining Israel's negotiating position by declaring negotiations should begin with the '67 borders, with Israel's prime minister on the way to our country]

On your watch: The "Fast and Furious"  drug running scandal, in which a federal border patrol agent was killed, occurred.

On your watch : The scandal of the bankrupt "Solyndra" payoff occurred.

On your watch:  You have made illegal recess appointments [when the senate was not officially in recess].

On your watch: You've bypassed the senate's "advise and consent" prerogative by appointing an overwhelming record breaking number of czars, which would make a
3rd world dictator proud.

On your watch: Your have reached new heights in repugnant divisive rhetoric [especially your class warfare rhetoric making the rich the evil in this country] for  personal political gain.

On your watch: You shoved down Obamacare on the American people in spite of a consensus against it.

On your watch: Gas prices have risen almost 85% since you came into office. [$1.89/gal when you took over, Jan. 2009-- $3.47/gal today]
President Obama as you can see a lot has happened on your watch.  I hope I am with a majority of Americans in praying that your watch will end on January 20, 2013.


bradley said...

Great accurate list -- add and on your watch American's confidence in congress and government in general has dropped to all time low

Big Mike said...

Good point Brad, as it has happened on his watch he must assume responsibility if he wants to claim credit for anything good happening.

Joel said...

Good list! Add to it his recent HHS mandate forcing insurance coverage of sterilization and birth control. What an infringement of religious freedom!

Big Mike said...

Yes, Joel what an attack on the Catholic religion and on all religious freedom from this administration. No matter what one thinks about abortion, our country cannot tolerate a government that forces any religion to violate their principles.

For example, if they can do this, what if they decided it is wrong for babies to have circumcision, and they denied funds to any Jewish Hospital that had circumcisions. What could stop them from that?