Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tales Would Also Like To Apologize

In June of 2009, after the fraudulent Iranian election of Ahmajinedad,young [pro American] Iranians took to the streets in their green movement.  This administration did not support them in their effort either in arms or words.That lack of moral support by the United States to these brave Iranians, led to their being crushed [figuratively and literally] by the Iranian government.

In March of 2010  the Prime Minister of Israel was abandoned in the White House meeting room for over an hour as Barack Obama got up to eat dinner.

Almost from the beginning of the Obama administration,  president Obama seems to have had this desire to be the zoning commissioner of Israel, with his many public condemnations of Jews in Israel  building homes in the "wrong" places [according to Obama].

In April of  2010 Arizona [with a consensus from the people of AZ] passed their bill SB 10 on illegal immigration.  They [people of Arizona and Governor Brewer] were immediately denounced by this administration and sued by the attorney general.

In May of 2011 President Obama tells the world that the Israel/"Palestinian" peace negotiations should begin with the 1967 borders as the starting point.

This administration is completely silent  about the ongoing violence and murders against the Coptic Christians and Churches in Egypt, and the violence and discrimination against Christians throughout the Muslim world [especially Nigeria], while at the same time supporting  the Muslim Brotherhood.
President Obama began his presidency by going on foreign soil and apologizing for America's exceptionalism.  He has continued this apology tour during his first three years; most recently giving a disgusting apology to Muslims in Afghanistan, throwing our soldiers under the bus.

In light of this administrations proclivity to apologize for America, Tales also wants to issue an apology to the protesters in Iran, to Benjamin Netanyahu, to the people of Israel, to the governor and people of Arizona, and to the Christians facing discrimination and slaughter in the Muslim world.

To all those mentioned, I wish to express my deep regret for the mistake made by the American people in 2008 by electing Barack Obama as our president.  While it was a mistake, I can assure you Tales will  hold accountable all those who made this big mistake;  and we will take all the appropriate action necessary to make sure this disastrous mistake does not occur again.


bradley said...

On behalf of all hard working Americans, I also would like to apologize for the embarrassing and dangous decisions this man has made--- ou great country changes things by the vote , and it is my prayer that we wake up in november and do what is right for the world and our great country, replace the disaster which is now in the white house !

Big Mike said...

Amen brother!!