Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Slip of the Tongue-Depends on Whose Tongue Slips

Liberal media outlets Politico and the Washington Post  [and I'm sure soon the rest of the main stream media] are talking about the slip of the tongue Santorum spokesman Alice Stewart made on Mondy February 20, before Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC [as a side note, what kind of judgement does that show about the Santorum campaign for him and his representatives to appear on any MSNBC program?]

The misspoken quote from Politico: “There is a type of theological secularism when it comes to the global warmists in this country. That’s what he was referring to. He was referring to the president’s policies in terms of the radical Islamic policies the president has,” Stewart said on “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”

“She had repeatedly said during that same interview ‘radical environmental policies’ and she said she slipped when she apparently said it."

Okay so it was an obvious slip of the tongue. Here is what the Washington Post's Anne Kornbult said on another MSNBC show about the slip of the tongue: “I expect we’re going to hear more from Alice Stewart apologizing about those remarks".  [Why?]   "But there will be conspiracy theorists thinking it was some kind of message she was trying to get out or it was really on the mind of the Santorum campaign when they are talking about President Obama.” [since conservatives will see it as an obvious slip of the tongue, who are those conspiracy theorists, Mrs. Kornbult?]

So, could that slip of the tongue really have been on the mind of the Santorum campaign? Do they secretly think Obama is a Muslim and that is what caused the slip of the tongue? Was it a Freudian slip?

Well let's see another spokesman for one of the presidential campaigns who made the exact same slip of the tongue, saying that Barack Obama was a Muslim. [gasp]  Was this an accidental slip of the tongue, or a sinister Freudian slip by this spokesman of Obama trying to hurt Obama?

I must have missed Kornbult's saying we must hear more apologies from this presidential spokesman in that campaign.

So, we have two spokesman for different presidential campaigns making obvious slips of the tongue conveying that Obama is really a Muslim. But were those slips of the tongue or something more sinister?

Tales reports, you decide.


AST said...

It was not a "slip of the tongue." I've heard many people compare environmentalism to a new age religion. I certainly think of it that way, by the rhetoric they use, the sainthood they bestow on John Muir, and the absolute certainty they have in their doctrines. I think the EPA and the National Wilderness Act are violations of the prohibition on the establishment of religion. Many of these beliefs are about as scientific as the Roman Church's persecution of Galileo.

It was definitely a politically incorrect choice of words for Santorum, since he's already viewed as a religious extremist, but I agree with his fundamental point. There are lots of people who worship God who are also environmentalists, but I don't know which comes first.

Big Mike said...

I agree AST about environmentalism cmpared to a new agr religion..and not just environmentalism but liberalism itself. I also agree about Santorum getting himself in big trouble getting off the track where he is going to be caricatured into a religious kook.

This post, I may not have put it well...was all satire. I guess I didn't portray it well. It wasn't meant to delve into those issues you stated well.