Sunday, February 5, 2012

Romney Makes Best Campaign Line of the Season

Mitt Romney gave a great, fiery victory speech after another blowout win in Nevada. 

In that speech he made what I consider the line of the campaign season: "President Obama started his presidency by going around the world apologizing for America.  He now needs to be apologizing to America."

This line needs to be said over and over again in his campaign against Obama.
Congratulations Mitt Romney on a good win and a good speech.


bradley said...

Great line yes--- if Obama beats Romney in November, I'm expecting an apology from negative newt for destroying the one legitimate candidate that can reverse this dangerous white house, but not holding my breadth---- please please newt, go away!

Big Mike said...

Hopefully Brad we won't have to find out and Romney beats Obama.
Gingrich has shown his sore loser angry trait--sad indeed.