Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh, What a Dramatic Night.

It is symphony night once again for the fetching Mrs B and I.  This is one of those special symphonies [at Jones Hall in Houston] that I really look forward to. The featured piece is the one symphony that, I suspect, is the most well known among non classical lovers.  Beethoven's magnificent 5th. Is there anyone who doesn't recognize the first eight notes of the Beethoven 5th?  The final movement of Beethoven's 5th ends with its famous triumphant climax.  We  never get tired of hearing this stirring dramatic masterpiece.  All 9 of Beethoven's symphonies are great, and I know most people say his magnificent 9th ["ode to joy"] is his best, but to me, the Beethoven 5th is the greatest symphony ever composed.

Opening the program is Brahms dramatic "Tragic" overture.  This has the typical unique Brahms sound, and is a good piece to open up any symphony concert.

What a night in store for me and Mrs. B. - Brahms and Beethoven. Oh, what a dramatic night. Can it get any better than this?

J. Brahms: Tragic Overture

L.V. Beethoven: Symphony #5 in C minor, 1st movement, Allegro con brio:
[sometimes known as "fate knocking at the door"]

L.V. Beethoven: Symphony #5 in C minor, movement 4, Allegro:
[a bridge from the third movement leads to its start at the 35 second mark]

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