Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Now This is a Winner

In the past it seems like the GOP has always had some lame political ads.   Supporters like me have wondered, why can't the GOP put on some better ads to go against the Dems.

But this year it looks like the GOP has in their hopper a lot of great ads to go against Obama and the Dems.  This one from the NRSC [National Senatorial Republican Committee].    

I think it's great.


bradley said...

Very powerful add-- so convincing to use the presidents own words to verify the need to replace him--- how bout another add showing him and his spokesman talking about refusing the keystone pipeline ( that helps employment and energy independence ) next to the rising gas prices---
How bout another add showing his words about Muslim brotherhood not being a problem back when Mubarak was destroyed, next to the Muslim brotherhoods treating words now---- how bout another add showing his verbal support for Israel next to his dissing netenyahu and not even shaking his hand--- etc etc

Big Mike said...

There is so much material to choose from...sadly for our country, big Brad!
Thanks bro!