Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's Halftime in America?

Maybe this was what Clint Eastwood was thinking.

There were two games left in the season that would determine if team USA would be the Superbowl champions.  In the first game with Gregory W Bright as quarterback, team USA was hit with dirty play in the first quarter that put them behind. The dirty play from the other team made team USA more determined than they have ever been. Every player on team USA came together like never before in their football history. The coaches stood at midfield, offense and defense alike and they sang God Bless America. QB Gregory W Bright, whose nickname is W, got the whole team together on the sidelines to give a pep talk.  Some of the players said they couldn't hear W, so W borrowed a bull horn and said, "I can hear you, the whole team can hear you, and soon those dirty players on the other team will hear from all of us soon".  The team cheered wildly. Beginning with an overwhelming passing attack, then a no holds barred ground game, W had led the team to victory. God Bless team USA!   But even though victorious, W was criticized by many.  In the last quarter, his stats were going downhill and team USA almost lost the game that was to get them to the Superbowl.  Forgetting how W took a team that had been hit by the dirtiest play in history and brought the team together in victory, all some could talk about was the bad stats at the end of his last game.  Despite leading the team to victory, W had become disliked and he had to retire before the Superbowl game.

Now with team USA in the Superbowl, they had to choose a new quarterback for the game.  There was competition to see who would be the new QB to lead team USA.  You had young brash, Barry H Overman competing with the veteran battle tested Jimmy Mac for the QB position.  Unlike W, who liked his middle name, Barry Overman got offended if anyone even mentioned his middle name. So, he would be known as Barry O. To H with his middle name.

Also, unusual with the change in quarterbacks for the Superbowl, was that the whole team USA would vote to see who their new quarterback would be.

Barry O told the team, if you vote for me as QB I will give you hope and change."I will make sure we have no more bad stats like with W. I want to transform team USA into something new. The other teams will not play dirty with team USA anymore with me as quarterback. Before each game I will reach out my hand, not my fist like W did.  Also, I will apologize for team's USA constant beating of the other teams. After I speak, the other teams will love us."

Despite his lack of experience [his only other sports experience was as a soccer organizer], Barry Overman was voted as new quarterback of team USA for the Superbowl.

The Superbowl began with Barry O leading team USA. While everyone remembered the bad stats of the last quarter under W, everyone rooting for team USA were stunned as Barry O's stats were far worse than W.  Rather than looking like a new winning team with O in charge, team USA's deficit score was really piling up. As we are nearing the end of the first half of the Superbowl, team USA is behind by 6 Touchdowns or we might say Barry O has piled a 6-T debt on us by his reckless play. He is clearly in over his head as his lack of experience is showing in every phase of his quarterbacking. The question now is what to do when we start the second half.  At the end of the first half, Barry talked to team USA.  Instead of taking the blame for his poor performance, Mr. O blamed everyone but himself. He said his line did not block for him, the receivers dropped his passes, the referees made bad calls against him, the wind blew his passes astray. Oh, poor Mr. O had all these obstacles, more obstacles than any QB in team USA's history. "How can you blame me", wonders Barry O. Besides, he says, the stats were so bad by W at the end of the last game, it carried over to the team USA in the Superbowl. So, despite the score, Barry O insists he is turning things around in the game. He says he deserves to be QB in the second half because he  is doing a good job and "we surely don't want to go back to the play of W, that got us in this mess in the first place". Then Overman said "I deserve to be quarterback of the second half.  A quarterback learns the more quarters he gets to play."

Now enter Clint Eastwood speaking to the nation in a  slow, whispered urgency: "Team USA is in the locker room planning their game plan for the second half. They are down by 6-T under the leadership of QB Overman.  But if you think this is over for team USA, you are wrong. We've been down before, but never out. We will come back. We have a new quarterback ready to come out in the second half to bring us back from the failed quarterbacking of Mr. O. That new quarterback is named Mitt, or wait a second, now it looks like it could be this young man named Rick.  "Yes", says Clint Eastwood, barely visible on the dark screen, "It's halftime, America." "Under the new leadership  of QB Mitt or maybe Rick, team USA will be back. Yeah, we will be back better than ever and win this Superbowl.   Yeahhhh."


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strongthought said...

Yep, Barry O can watch from the sidelines for the next half!

Big Mike said...

From your lips to God's ears Carolyn!!