Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's Greek To Me

So, president Obama gives us his 2013 budget and wishes us Happy Valentine's Day.  Hmmm, wouldn't May Day have been a more appropriate day to put out this budget. Trust me, I am no economic expert, so I have to rely on people I trust to find out what president Obama's budget means.

Great thinkers like economist, James Pethokoukis, talk show host Hugh Hewitt and the brilliant Charles Krauthammer are just a few of the men I totally respect and rely on. Among those and others I have heard, there is one word that seems to be a consensus about Obama's 2013 budget: disgraceful

Obama uses gimmicks, like counting cuts already in place [that have already been counted for] and future savings from the military in war actions that will not take place.  This budget does nothing, zero, nada about entitlement reform.  Dr Krauthammer calls that "scandalous".  The things that are real in this budget seems to be the tax increases, tax increases and more tax increases. The demagogue divider in chief. says they are tax increases on the rich "so they will pay their fair share too."  No real cuts at all in this budget...oh, wait, my mistake. There are real cuts... in military spending.  I guess the military, like the rich, must start to do their fair share of sacrifice, like the rest of us. 

Everyone knows, even liberals [but they won't admit it] that the budget plan Obama put out was not a serious document. It is a total sham that has zero chance of passing. It won't even be used as a blueprint for a budget.  This was a political document from the get go, a vote for Obama document.

Oh, for the good old days of the tax and spend liberal.  Obama puts them to shame and makes us come up with a more appropriate term for him: A tax and spend socialist.

Obama's budget plan is Greek to me, or better said, it is Greece to me.


bradley said...

it is so frustrating that they the liberal left nuts will not tie any tax increase to equal or greater cuts in entitlement spending----they are just intent on sticking it to the successful, but not truly cutting the budget

Unknown said...

Not "tax and spend liberal," more like "bury our kids in crushing debt liberal."

Big Mike said...

It is extremely frustrating ..... Then when their policies turn us into Greece, they will be the ones rioting in the streets as their benefits will be taken away.

Big Mike said...

You are exactly right big Travis.

Unknown said...

Father of two in diapers...may God have mercy on their future endeavors!

Big Mike said...

Amen Travis! Let us pray this man does not have another 4 years, if not for us for our children's sake!

JoeBillScott said...

Nice article Mike.

The good thing about Hussein Obama's policies is that they are so transparently idiotic.

The only thing Romney's folks have to do now is provide the laugh track to some excerpts from Hussein Obama's speeches.

If the fly (Ron Paul) can stay out of the ointment (GOP convention) we might just have a landslide.

All the best,


Big Mike said...

Thanks Rafi!