Monday, February 6, 2012

I Hope This Indicator Remains True

There was one of those very interesting indicators of presidential elections coming from Investors Business Daily website. No not who wins the Super Bowl, but how the stock market does in January.  On the face of it, you would think it would show just the opposite results. But I sure hope they are predictive of the correct results this time.

From Investors Business Daily: In an article entitled: "Stock Market Predicts Defeat for President Obama."

"It's happened 13 times since 1936. Call it the IBD January Incumbent Barometer.
An incumbent president faces a challenger ... and 13 out of 13 times the stock market picks the winner in January.
Say again?
Here's how it works: When the stock market scores a big gain in January — about 6% or more — the challenger beats the incumbent president every time..."
Read the entire article here

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