Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Guess This is Obama's Way of Making Sure the OWS People Pay Their Fair Share-UPDATE.

Occupy Wall Street, you're aiming your wrath at the wrong target.  If you are really concerned about the 99% and their plight vis a vis the 1%, you probably should set your sights on the big kahuna one percenter who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. 

President Obama in his promotion of "green energy" is touting the Chevy Volt as an icon of his green energy plan.  He wants everyone to buy a Chevy Volt. Of course not everyone can afford this joke, I mean car.  The Chevy Volt is a $40000+ car.   How many of you OWS 99 percenters have bought a Chevy Volt recently.  Let me take this wild, wild guess ..... Zero?    And I wonder what percent of the Chevy Volt buyers have been from the evil one percenters..mmmm... oh, could it be..... 100 %?

So, we have Barack Obama praising those who buy the Chevy Volt [those rich 1 percenters].

But  how many of you knew that to promote his "Green" [as in money] energy program, Obama gives every buyer of the Chevy Volt a $7500 tax credit.  Yes, he is giving $7500 to those people who don't even pay the same rate as Warren Buffet's Secretary.

Where do you think the $7500 tax credit to the rich is coming from?

Why, of course, they must be coming out of the taxes from everyone else, the 99 percenters. Remember you and Obama have said the rich really don't pay taxes, so it couldn't be coming from themselves. So, we have the 99 percenters paying taxes to support those 1 percenters who buy Chevy Volts.

I guess that is just Obama's way of telling the OWS 99 percenters, "it's about time you pay your fair share".

Didn't P.T. Barnum once say , "there's an "Occupy Wall Streeter" born every minute"?

Update:  In Obama's new "budget" that he proposed, he incredibly increases the tax credit to those one percenters who buy the Chevy Volt to $10,000  [up from $7500].

So, thanks to Mr. "everyone must pay their fair share" president, I guess we can really say the rich are indeed getting richer.


bradley said...

Clever but accurate satirical post--- wonder what the average IQ is of these ows bottem suckers, wonder what the illegal drug rate is among the ows lazies, wonder how many could even name 2 countries in the world not called USA, wonder how many have ever filed a 1040, ughhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Unknown said...

Yes, we should all go into $40k+ debt to get $7.5K on yrs tax return. Sounds logical. You're correct to point out that only the most affluent can partake in this ridiculous "I'll choose the winners and losers" administration! Good post!

Unknown said...

That's *one years' tax return...

Big Mike said...

Thanks Brad and Travis!

Anonymous said...

That was right on Michael! I guess these folk in our WH think that we are dopes to fall for this garbage. They are stirring these OWS dolts into unease and disruptive behavior. All out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. Bottom Up & Top Down. Who would play Monopoly like this?? Thanks for sharing.
~Krissy in Austin

Big Mike said...

Thank you Krissy! God Bless!