Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cruz For US Senator From Texas

The number one goal in this next election is to make sure Barack Obama does not get a second term as president.  Almost equally as important is to make sure we get a conservative US Senate with a strong GOP majority. We must make sure Harry Reid is no longer the senate majority leader in 2013. But it is not just important that we replace Harry Reid with a GOP senate majority leader, but that majority be a strong conservative majority.  The next senator from Texas will be a Republican. So, it is vitaly important that we [GOP] nominate in the primary a strong dynamic conservative.  We are lucky to have that candidate.  He is the articulate, conservative, leader-Ted Cruz.

Tales has endorsed Ted Cruz in another post.  He has been endorsed by almost every tea party organization in the state of Texas, by a huge margin. He has been endorsed by conservative  US senators Jim DeMint, Mike Lee, Pat Toomey and Rand Paul.  He has had great reviews from National Review and the Daily Caller.  I said in my other post and I truly believe this man will be a great conservative leader in the mold of senator Marco Rubio. 

The latest polls show Cruz is in second place to the moderate Dewhurst.  But importantly, Dewhurst is not anywhere near a majority, and if Cruz makes the runoff, as it appears now, his grass roots support, will come out in droves to vote in a runoff [when turnout is usually low]. That will bring him to victory. So, please consider helping him and in turn helping our country

Watch this great video from the Ted Cruz
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