Friday, February 10, 2012

Breaking News From the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show

Hugh Hewitt had Congressman Paul Ryan, R-WI, on his radio show tonight [Thursday].  Hugh's last question was the highlight of the interview and Ryan's response made news.

Hugh asked Congressman Ryan if the Republican convention is deadlocked and turned to him, would he consider accepting the Republican nomination.  Ryan just laughed, "Oh Hugh, that is  just not going to happen."  Hugh kept pressing twice, three times.  Paul Ryan did not say he would turn it down. 

Then Hugh asked Congressman Ryan if he would accept the vice presidential slot if offered.  Paul Ryan again first laughed. After Hugh asked him again, Congressman Paul Ryan finally conveyed that he was open to the idea.

On twitter here is how Hugh Hewitt tweeted it: "Paul Ryan open to being Veep, wouldn't rule out being drafted by deadlocked convention."

Oh, by the way if you want to follow  Hugh on twitter he has an ingenious twitter name that you better write down:   @hughhewitt

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