Monday, January 16, 2012

Tales For Mitt

It is time for me, through this blog, to make a choice on who I think should be the GOP nominee.  I have watched all the debates, watched how the candidates performed in the first two primaries [actually one caucus and one primary], watched the reaction of all candidates in the results of the primaries through speeches and interviews with the media, and have done a lot of soul searching.

The results: I come out strongly in favor of the former governor and businessman Mitt Romney.   I would classify Mitt Romney as center right. Unlike some of his critics, I do not consider him to be a RINO. He is a conservative [even if he is not as strong as me] and a loyal Republican.  He is not a John McCain, and I predict with confidence he will not frustrate us in the debates against Obama, like McCain so often did. I predict Mitt Romney will look impressive in debating Obama.

I am a strong conservative and more to the right then Mitt Romney. So, when this all began, I  was giving everyone a fair chance to see if there was a more conservative candidate who I thought would be our best nominee.  When this first started I really liked Herman Cain, but even before he had to drop out of the race I realized he didn't have the foreign policy knowledge to be president.  When the Texas governor Rick Perry first came into the race, I was hoping he would really shine. Instead he had disastrous debates and his recent diatribe attacking Romney as a "vulture" capitalist has turned me [ and I suspect most other conservatives] off.    I was really excited about Newt Gingrich from his performances in the debates, especially how he attacked the news media's biased questions and how he took on Obama. I really was pining to see Newt Gingrich destroy Obama in debates.  But when he began  his attacks on Mitt Romney concerning his work at Bain Capital, it brought back memories of Newt's attack on Paul Ryan's plan as "right wing social engineering".  So,I must say no to Newt. Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum were the strongest social conservatives in the race and have had some good debate performances, but they just don't give the appearance of being presidential the way that Mitt does. Michele Bachmann has subsequently left the race. Rick Santorum is a man with great character, but I just have too many qualms about him beating Obama. So, I just cannot support him as our nominee.  I admit I have never seriously considered Ron Paul or Jon Huntsman.  Both of those men I consider real RINOs in the sense they don't have any loyalty to the Republican Party.

So, while it may look  like I am settling on Mitt because of a process of elimination, that is not true.  I am going to be enthusiastically supporting Mitt Romney and feel like he will be a great candidate who will beat Barack Obama and can be a great president.  Mitt Romney has shown to be a great leader, as governor of Massachusetts and in organizing the 2002 Winter Olympics.  He turned around the  games to make it a financial success. He has turned around many failed companies and they have become successful in his work at Bain Capital.  Having shown to be a strong leader in government and outside and also being a successful businessman,  Mitt Romney is a very qualified man to be president. 

With a Republican congress and almost certainly a Republican senate, Mitt will govern from the right and turn this economy around. Mitt will be a strong  conservative on foreign policy and national security issues.  Unlike the current president whose first foreign trip was to Egypt and the Muslim world, Mitt has said his first trip will be to Israel.  What a contrast there, for those who love the state of Israel.  I am also confident, if a vacancy occurs on the Supreme Court, Mitt Romney will appoint a good conservative, in the mold of Scalia and Alito, to the court. He has said so, himself.  So, unlike some, I feel conservatives will turn out to be pleasantly surprised and  pleased with Mitt Romney as president.

Mitt Romney is a good man, a good family man and a very likable man.  That is more important than you think in the electoral process.  The people of this country want to vote for someone they like.

A very important consideration  in choosing who I wanted our nominee to be, was to choose someone who could defeat president Obama.  This was of critical concern to me to choose the most conservative man [or woman] who was also the most electable.   That man, I am certain, is Mitt Romney.  While I am not saying that I don't think anyone else can beat Obama, I do think that the one who has the best chance is Mitt.  He not only has the best chance to defeat Obama, he can win decisively.  That is critical, as it would mean he could bring in more GOP candidates in congress and the senate.  This should be a point that should allay some of the fears of conservatives who worry Romney won't govern as a conservative. Because a big win by Romney would almost certainly bring in [in the election] more conservative Republicans to congress, it would force Romney to govern from the right to get things done.  For example, while I believe Romney when he says he wants to eliminate Obamacare, for those of you who are leery, do you really think that if the congress and senate passed a bill that eliminated Obamacare, Romney would veto it?  There is no way that would happen.  I feel the same way with other conservative legislation congress would pass.

My post on January 12 was a hope that Marco RubioRubio team would be an exceptional ticket for this exceptional country. I believe it would be a certain big winner. A must if we want to make sure this remains an exceptional country.

So, Tales supports Mitt Romney for president.     Mitt/Marco 2012! 

Please watch this video of Mitt Romney's great speech after his big victory in New Hampshire. 

I join tea party conservatives congressman Jason Chaffetz, R-UT and governor Niki Haley, R-SC; along with Governor Chris Christie, R- NJ, and Ambassador John Bolton in strongly supporting Mitt Romney for president of the United States of America.    I predict soon that list will include  Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

In 2008 Hugh Hewitt wrote the book: "A Mormon in the White House?"  You might have said he missed it in 2008. No, Hugh didn't miss it, he was just looking ahead.
Update: I just heard that Jon Huntsman is getting out of the race and will endorse Romney. I may now have to reconsider.



bradley said...

Superb analysis--- a Romney huntsman ticket would be strong but can it win the Florida and Ohio and Pennsylvania , states critical to winning this election!

Now the question is can Gingrich and santorum egos come under control so that they don't give Obama the win by default?

Big Mike said...

Thanks brother.

Brad, they will all support Romney when he wins the nomination...except maybe Ron Paul.
But Romney will not choose Huntsman, I hope, as that would discourage the conservative base. He will choose a Rubio or Christie, someone that can excite the base.

Joel said...

Very well thought out, Michael! You could have been outlining my thought process, also, except I strongly supported Michele Bachmann in the beginning. We have to beat Obama, and a Romney/Rubio ticket would be awesome!

Big Mike said...

Thanks Joel so much. I appreciate your comments! I agree when this first started I was really excited about Michele Bachmann too.

Cathy York said...

Michael, you and I have pretty much followed the same thought process. I'm right there with you in backing Mitt!

Cathy York said...
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Big Mike said...

Thanks Cathy. :-))