Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tales Endorses Ted Cruz for US Senate

My wife and I had the honor to see Texas senate candidate Ted Cruz at a Republican Jewish Coalition event in Houston. [Monday night]. Both of us were very impressed with this constitutional, conservative Republican. Cruz, without notes or a teleprompter, gave a riveting, inspiring speech. This man exudes leadership.  He is a true patriot and great conservative. As Solicitor General of Texas he has argued some big cases before the United States Supreme Court and won some important ones, like "Medellin vs. Texas".  Ted Cruz related how he got his strong conservative foundation from his family. His father at a young age was imprisoned and beaten in Communist Cuba. His father came to Texas at age 18 penniless and not knowing a word of English. With determination his father worked hard, learned English and was able to graduate from the University of Texas. So,Ted Cruz knows what a beacon of freedom and opportunity America is. Ted Cruz cherishes our free market economy and knows the peril it will be under if president Obama wins another four years.  Ted Cruz said at the RJC event that it is not only critically important to defeat Obama, but just as important to elect 10-12 new conservative senate candidates. I believe that must start with Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz once said at a tea party event: "The reason I’m running is not merely to vote right. What we have a desperate need for is real leadership to stand up and defend free-market principles. And if I am not helping lead the fight, standing there with arrows in my torso, I will not be doing my job."

This from George Will: "For a conservative Texan seeking national office, it could hardly get better than this: In a recent 48-hour span, Ted Cruz, a candidate for next year’s Republican Senate nomination for the seat being vacated by Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison, was endorsed by the Club for Growth PAC, FreedomWorks PAC, talk-radio host Mark Levin and Erick Erickson of"

Ted has had glowing reviews from , The Daily Caller ,and National Review

This excerpt from the National Review: "Cruz's grasp of the Constitution was  so strong that it commanded the respect of liberals, including  Prof. Alan M. Dershowitz, who taught him in a first-year criminal-law class at Harvard aw School, where Cruz enrolled in the fall of 1992. 'Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant,' Dershowitz said."

Ted Cruz told us at the RJC event that he is the only candidate that four of the most conservative members of the US Senate [Jim DeMint, R-SC, Mike Lee, R-UT, Rand Paul, R-KY and Pat Toomey, R-Pa] have endorsed.  Each man has endorsed many conservatives Republicans running, but Cruz is the only one to get all four men's support.

What an honor to meet the next US Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz
Not just because Ted Cruz is a Cuban American, but his presence and rhetoric remind me of the great young senator from Florida, Marco Rubio.  This impressive man exhibits confidence and true leadership. Please join me in supporting Ted Cruz as the next senator from the great state of Texas. We need to elect Ted Cruz in the Republican primary and then in the general election. When elected, he will be a great leader in the mold of Senator Marco Rubio.

Whether you are in Texas or not, please go to the Ted Cruz website and contribute what you can to this great American.  We need Ted Cruz in the United States Senate. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

What a great recommendation. Thank You Michael for the detailed description of the candidate Ted Cruz. Will go to his web site and rooting for him. Thanks to you.
Krissy Chase

Big Mike said...

Thank you Krissy!!

We must get some real conservative leaders like Cruz in the US Senate to help our next GOP president in 2013. Not just Republicans but conservatives!

Joel said...

He sounds awesome! :)

Big Mike said...

Thanks Joel!!