Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Supporting Newt To See Him Debate Obama is Flawed Thinking

I admit it.  After seeing Newt's great performances in the debates [until Monday night], I have pined to see Newt debate president Obama. At one time I thought I would love to see Newt Gingrich destroy president Obama in the debates [and thinking this would propel him to the White House].  It almost had me support him for that reason alone. 

But there are two things, I finally realize, that have made my thinking flawed.   First radio host Hugh Hewitt and Fox News contributor Ann Coulter have brought out the fact that president Obama almost surely will not agree to more than two debates. There is no law that says he has to agree to any debates.  Hugh Hewitt thinks there is a good possibility Obama won't agree to any debates.  Ann Coulter has said that Obama at most will agree to one or two debates.   So the idea that Gingrich will really make a great impression with the people by destroying Obama in at the most two debates over a couple month period is a big stretch. It probably won't have any affect at all in the public's perception of the two men.

Newt has been saying he will force Obama into a series of Lincoln/Douglas style debates. That is laughable.  Obama would never agree to that.  Why would he?  Newt says he will force Obama into these debates by following Obama around wherever he goes and rebutting what ever Obama has just said in the same city. Newt confidently says, "I will make Obama's travel schedule my campaign schedule." Oh, yeah, Newt really?   With the hundreds of millions of dollars Obama has in his war chest, he could deplete Newt's money in a week with a non stop travel schedule from coast to coast.  After Newt would have to stop following him,  I can just hear Obama's first question at every stop: "Where's Newt?" as the crowd erupts in laughter.  Please Newt, if somehow you do win the nomination, knock off the idea of the Lincoln/Douglas style debates-if you don't you will be made to look like a laughing stock.

The second reason I realize my brief flirtation for a Newt win [to debate Obama] was so flawed, is what happened in the Florida debate on Monday night.  The crowd was instructed before the debate by the NBC moderator not to applause or yell. You saw the results. Newt could not feed off the crowd and had his poorest debate of all.   No standing ovations for Newt in this one and it affected how people viewed the results of the debate.  Now Newt is saying he might not participate in a debate that doesn't allow audience participation.  So, does that mean Newt if  you win the nomination you won't debate Obama? I guarantee these will be the rules of a presidential debate.

Also, the crowd will not be conservative Republicans like these  GOP debates  have been.  The mainstream media will say the audience is balanced between Republicans, Democrats and independents, but is there any one of you that believes that?  The audience will lean left, I guarantee it.  So, even if there was audience participation allowed, a comment like Newt made with Juan Williams or John King would not be greeted by a standing ovation.  It probably would be greeted with boos.  And after the debate all the talking heads would be saying [like they did about the standing ovations] this is the first time ever a candidate was booed in a presidential debate.

So, all of you who support Newt because you want to see him debate Obama, please think again. There won't be that many of them [if any] and the format will lend to Newt not being at his best.

There might be other reasons to support Newt, but to see him debate Obama shouldn't be one of them.


bradley said...

Superb thinking big mike---- Obama is polished politician and will spark the angry, intolerant newt and make him look non presidential, which he is!

Big Mike said...

Thanks brother!