Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Superbowl of Debates

On Monday night on the Fox News Channel there was another GOP debate.  This wasn't just another debate. This was the Superbowl  of Debates.  Everyone on stage [except Ron Paul] was on their game, with I think Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry having their best debate performances to date. What made this debate so good was the real substantive questions from the combined Wall Street Journal and Fox News Channel questioners.  Bret Baier was the moderator and did a superb job letting the participants finish their thoughts when they were making some good points.  He let them mix it up and they sure did. I predict you won't see that in the CNN debate this Thursday night. You will have the moderator rudely jump in when you want to yell from your chair, "let him finish".

This was a fiery debate with many good exchanges between each other. As I said all seemed to do a good job, with the exception of Ron Paul who rightly got booed from the crowd for his 'blame America' foreign policy stance.   Rick Perry had his best debate [although as bad as the other ones were, that might not be much praise].  Rick Santorum was very good. The person who I just announced I am supporting, Mitt Romney, had some good moments, but this was not his best debate. When talking about releasing his tax returns he was pretty weak. Newt Gingrich, after a weak and unimpressive opening statement talking about his attacks on Mitt Romney concerning Bain Capital, was very impressive.  Newt has given some great debate performances in the past, but this was his best.  Newt needed a home run performance if he was to have any iota of a chance to get back in the game.   He hit a grand slam.   With this performance by Newt, I feel he has probably passed Rick Santorum for second place in the South Carolina primary coming up on Saturday. If Newt hits another grand slam on Thursday night, and Mitt Romney is just good and not great, I could actually see a huge upset with Newt winning South Carolina.

In saying all this you can't accuse me of being biased, because as I have said previously,  I support Mitt Romney for president. Also, I have had two recent posts very critical of Newt Gingrich for his incredulous attacks on Mitt Romney and capitalism, where he sounded like Michael Moore.  But I have to be intellectually honest and call it as I see it.  And I saw a big win by Newt Gingrich in this debate.

If Newt Gingrich finishes a close second in South Carolina, then this will be a two man race going into Florida.  We will finally have what pundits have been looking for, the Mitt Romney vs the non Mitt Romney. That will be Newt Gingrich.  Mitt Romney will still be the huge odds on favorite to win the GOP nomination. But after last night's great performance by Newt Gingrich, the fat lady still has not sung.    She is warming up in the background, though.

Watch this moment of  Newt Gingrich answering Juan Williams question, implying Newt was insensitive to blacks and disrespectful to president Obama as Newt has called president Obama the "food stamp" president.  This got a standing ovation from the crowd.  From me too.


AST said...

I also thought Newt was in top form, but I remembered too clearly his stupid assault on capitalism from the past 2 weeks, to get very excited over it. We've already got an arrogant narcissist as President with no executive ability or experience.

I expected them all to be attacking Romney and he generally held his own, although not always. He is still too diffident about discussing his wealth and releasing his tax returns. I don't think it's in his nature to enjoy talking about his success.

Santorum is a good debater, but I thought his explanation for voting against right to work was quite revealing. Politicians in liberal states can't ignore popular opinion and choose their own ideological druthers.

Big Mike said...

Yes, I agree with you AST, especially about Santorum's weak explination of not supporting a federal right to work bill.

I still support Romney for president and feel he would be by far our best chance at winning and would beat Obama. I was just giving my opinion that it is not out of the realm of possibility that Newt wins South Carolina because of his debate performances.