Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Point of The Day by Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt on his radio show on Wednesday night said "the main stream media likes to take out of context Mitt Romney's saying he would like to fire [health] insurance companies [and give that option to everyone] who don't do what they promise."

Then came the point of the day from Hugh Hewitt: "We don't have to wonder about Romney wanting to fire insurance companies when today Barack Obama has just fired 20,000 blue collar workers by killing the Keystone XL Pipeline."

Hmm, I wonder if the main stream media will run with this story over and over,  like they did when they took Romney's quote out of context?


bradley said...

killing this pipeline with the unemployment problem we now have and the need to reduce dependancy on foreign oil is unconciousable and un-american!!

Big Mike said...

Yes, Brad, even more than the jobs,
it seems this president aims to keep us dependant on Mid East oil.

That is un patriotic to me.