Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Obama Guts the Military and This is a Surprise?

First you had Obama insist that the trigger on automatic cuts in the budget deal must come mostly from the military.    When the Super committee did not come up with a compromise, Obama even threatened to veto any try by Congress to eliminate those automatic cuts of the military.  Please check out my post: This is the first president I cannot call a patriot.

Now this January 5th, the "Commander in Chief"  announced even more cuts in the pentagon budget to guarantee that the United States cannot fight more than one war at a time. From the USA Today: "The new military strategy includes $487 billion in cuts over the next decade. An additional $500 billion in cuts could be coming if Congress follows through on plans for deeper reductions." "The military strategy that President Obama unveiled Thursday will lead to a smaller force in the Army and Marines". He also wants to reduce our nuclear arsenal even further.

Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute said on Bill Bennett's Morning in America show that he strongly disagreed  with these devastating cuts to the military and new strategy of this administration.  Rubin said "president Obama just doesn't realize you can't just turn on the spigot just like that, if we face some national security threat".  Michael Rubin said if all these cuts go through, "it will take decades to restore the military" back to what we have now.  I probably would not be as kind as Michael Rubin to say Obama doesn't realize it would take decades to restore a depleted military.  I think Obama might realize that, but just doesn't give a damn.

Charles Krauthammer on the Fox News Channel said these cuts mean America will not be prepared for a possible land confrontation in the next decade.  Think about that.  We're talking about the United States of America, not a banana republic. [well not yet - another 4 years with this guy and I won't make any promises].

But why is our commander in chief, whose main job it is to protect our country against any enemy,  gutting our military? Is this really any surprise?  Well it shouldn't be if you had followed the campaign of president Obama when he ran for president.  Some of us were trying to warn this is exactly what would happen if we elected this man as president. We warned about his own words from the campaign.  Unfortunately, a lot of people just put their heads in the sand. They called those of us trying to warn the country, smear merchants, making up things and worse.  I wonder what they would say now?

In October of 2008 in an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, it was wondered if a President Obama would actually gut the defense and military weaponry of the United States. "There is the candidate [Obama] who early this year recorded an ad for Caucus for Priorities, a far-left outfit that wants to cut 15% of the Pentagon's budget."   "Thanks so much for the Caucus for Priorities for the great work you've been doing," said Mr. Obama in the ad, before promising to "cut tens of billions of dollars in wasteful spending . . . slow our development of future combat systems . . . not develop new nuclear weapons."

This video from Feb. of 2008 of the then senator Obama:

Senator Obama told Joe the plumber how he wanted to spread the [his] wealth around, and some people are surprised that he really is trying to spread the welath around and turn this country into a un-exceptional European socialist country.  Then  Barack Obama, in the campaign, told us how he wanted to drastically reduce our military in money, men and weaponry. Again some people are surprised he is really trying to gut  our military.

My question is: Why?  What is so surprising?

The United Staes has always been a great, exceptional country.  So, when  Barack Obama told  us how he wanted to completely transform [change] this country, he told us the truth.  To those of you who believe the United States of America is and should remain an exceptional country with the greatest military in the world, you should have listened more closely before you voted for this guy. In November of this year you have a chance to redeem yourself from your mistaken vote of 4 years ago.


bradley said...

As i watch Gingrich , perry, and santorum do everything to destroy Romney, I realize that NOBODY'S vote will matter if the fighting immature republicans don't consolidate their support and 100% get behind an electable candidate---- we can stand for all the conservative ideals we wish we're instituted but those ideals mean nothing if WE (!yes I said we!) help elect Obama because our 1 electable candidate isn't perfectly conservative, and we destroy him--- the dems are laughing while we inadvertently are working hard to secure another 4 years of this disaster in white house! Shame on us

Big Mike said...

What is sad is that they are attacking Romney on being a capitalist and a free market guy.

That's the kind of attacks you expect from the left and especially Obama. He will use their words in his ads.